Hi, this is Chris Again.

CHRIS55 - 2:55PM UTC, Sep 6th 2007

You know, turning 50 was no big deal for me, but I'll be sixty in Feb and although I've not thought a bunch about it, I know without a doubt I have a lot less birthdays to look forward too. Now, I never thought after all these years of struggling with my weight, I'd still be struggling. But, I am. Are any of you sugar addicted? I absolutely love anything with sugar, flour (oh, it can be whole wheat) and fat in it. Bread, pastry's etc. And if that's not available candy...how the hell do I manage this. I am having the toughest time. I start out great during the day and by the time I've been at work a few hours I've blown it. I go to a counselor (I'll see her tonight), I have a very supportive husband, I belong to a fitness program (which by the way I haven't done) and I still continue to fail. I know I should think before taking that first bite, but, I don't. My job is stressful and I find I have shoved something in my mouth before I give it any thought. Then, of course, one bite being too many and a thousand bites never being enough (an OA saying, maybe not exactly stated but something to this affect) I go for more. Then I feel badly, not really depressed, but badly about myself and the next day it starts all over again. There is a lot of time I wish I could just accept being a size 14 and leave it at that, but 20 extra pounds on me is not attractive. Not that I am trying to be a "knock-out" lord knows those days are over, but, I would like to have a few less bumps and rolls where they don't belong!! ha,ha! Thanks for listening. Chris

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To lose confidence in ones body is to lose confidence in ones self.

MKANDI7856 - 8:16PM UTC, Sep 6th 2007

Chico, CA

Chris, there are a couple of things that have helped me get my weight down and keep it down. One is that I keep my "before" picture when I was at my heaviest with me all the time. I pull it out whenever I need a reminder of what it was like to be that heavy. I also gave away all my larger sized clothes as my weight went down; I made a vow to myself I would never be a size 14 again! And since I don't want to have to spend money on buying new clothes more than I need to, that's a pretty good incentive for me to hold the line. I also found that by substituting a lot of fruit, fresh if possible otherwise canned in juice, for sweets that my sweet tooth got pretty well tamed. Now there are times when I actually prefer a piece of fresh fruit to some heavy gloppy dessert.

By making gradual changes in my eating habits, it was a lot easier than trying to do a total makeover all at once. Those little baby steps are much easier and less frustrating than trying to make gigantic leaps. And it made it easier to get those new habits to stick.

I still do have an occasional fancy dessert--and I do mean occasional--but I share it with my hubby and allow him to eat the lion's share of it. I usually try to invoke the "three bite rule"--meaning I give myself the pleasure of enjoying three bites of that dessert as slowly as I possibly can, then I put down my fork and tell myself "I'm done!" and mean it. I even sit on my hands if I need to until my hubby has eaten the last bite or had the server take the remains away.

I have also found that when I'm feeling a little stressed at work that it's helpful to take a brief pause and do some deep breathing. I also pop a piece of sugarfree chewing gum in my mouth. It gives my jaw a workout without my intaking unwanted calories. Works for me!

Anyway, the important thing to keep in mind is "If you keep on doing what you're doing, you'll keep on getting what you're getting." The only one who can truly make the change is yourself...even all the support in the world isn't going to help unless you take on that responsibility. No one can do it for you, but you can do it for yourself...if you really truly want to.

Keep up the good work! You'll get there!


CHRIS55 - 6:57PM UTC, Sep 6th 2007

Thanks Joey...I know it works like that for me too. I really wish I could drop just 5 pounds, you know a shot in the butt, it would help me to get my confidence up a bit I think. I wish you the best of luck too. Losing weight is probably the biggest challenge I face in my life right now, so I should be happy about that huh? Chris

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To lose confidence in ones body is to lose confidence in ones self.

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JOEY - 3:27PM UTC, Sep 6th 2007


Hi Chriss

I don't know why we keep doing what we do. I've been holding on so far but that's just one week.
The real test will be 3 or 6 months from now.

I know my core problem is having confidence and loving myself. Been working at loving myself the
way I am. It is easier said than done.

A counselor once said my problem was a revolving door... confidence and weight. They can bring each other
up or down. When my weight is down, my confidence is up. Confidence is down, I eat....you get the idea.

Wish I had the right answer for you. The problem is in me too.

I would like to know if anyone else in the forum has a solution.

Thanks for bringing this up.