Hi !

KWAPIE - 11:57AM UTC, Sep 21st 2010

I just joined this group. I have been on CK for a week now loving it. I'm 63 this month hope I can get to know some Ck members.

Darlene :hi:

DBHSTL1 - 3:40PM UTC, Jan 6th 2011

Hi Everyone,

Just joined Jan. 1st. I lost 60 lbs. in Aug. 2005 till Aug. 2006 on a controlled program at the hospital and their diet was based on the CK book. with weigh-ins everyweek. I never wanted to gain weight when I weighed in, it gave me a weekly goal. Unfortunate, I gained 40 lbs. back in 5 years but I am on it again and I know it works for me and it can work for U. E1 on this program should really stick to it because it really works but my best friend is my scale. Even tho' it might show a lb. or 2 weight gain it will come off another day or so. Usually it's water weight. Keep with the program - I'm 70 and I will.


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KWAPIE - 12:06PM UTC, Sep 22nd 2010

Thanks for the nice welcome. I'm loving CK so far.

BBENNETTFNP - 5:30AM UTC, Sep 22nd 2010 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

Hi Darlene. welcome. have just joined myself about 10 days ago. it is working and I feel better, even this early on.:hi: Will write more later. time for bed.

PROHEALTHRN - 2:29AM UTC, Sep 22nd 2010

Welcome, Darlene!

Lots of interesting things to read on the forums, you will have adequate reading material. It is so helpful to see what works for others, what their concerns are, and articles they have found to answer our concerns and questions.
CK has been a great help to me. I found it to be the most helpful program of any I have tried. It is helping me look at long term choices and the place for exercise- something I never saw my folks do at my age (55). I love the mileage challenge- it motivates me to walk and ride the bike to make a goal I set for myself. Other challenges are the green challenge- one tries to get as many green checks as possible and sets up a reward system to encourage thoughtful participation. Check it out on the forums. Have fun and don't get side tracked. It is a day by day thing, probably hour by hour challenge some days.
Look forward to seeing you on line! ~ Linda

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