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CHRIS55 - 5:02PM UTC, Jan 9th 2009

2003 and am still struggling. Since I joined I've gained 4 pounds, mainly because I don't stay with it. I find it tougher and tougher to lose weight now. But, I guess till my dying day I will keep trying.
How do you boost your protein....without adding a huge amount of carbs, calories and without using a supplement? I have the toughest time with this.
Also, do any of you use a recumbent bike? Are they very expensive and what brand do you have or recommend?

start: 168
present: 160
goal: 130

To lose confidence in ones body is to lose confidence in ones self.

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LPHONG - 2:40AM UTC, Jan 10th 2009


Same here. I gained 3 lbs. since I joined CK last Feb. I'm not consistent with my exercise. I am determined this time to be thin by 2010 as Val says. My blood sugar is going up, my blood pressure is up & down so it's time to smarten up. The weather in Minnesota is not cooperating so the treadmill is my friend this days. It's really hard to stay off sweets, snacks, etc. We'll make it....



SW: 148
CW: 149
GW: 135

LEWISLD - 12:12AM UTC, Jan 10th 2009

I just joined today and I know your pain. I was in a study at the University of Penn last year and I lost 20lbs. over the holidays, I let down my guard and ate anytihing I wanted and I gained back at least 7-8lbs. I know what to do but it so hard to stay within the desired calories 1200. I love the taste of sweets and cookie and chocolate are my downfall. When I was at the University they used this program as thier guide so I know it works. Stay with it. You don't have a lot to lose so it will go slow. We can do this...