It is sooooo slow going

KLS - 4:14AM UTC, Feb 18th 2009

I have been on a program for 30 weeks!! I started with aerobic exercise - 60 minutes 5 times per week!!! and I did that for 2 months. Then I was told to do 30 aerobic and 30 weights - which I did for like another 4 months - yes 5 times per week!!! I now do 40 mins.of aerobic and 20 mins. of weights...... still 5 times per week!! I am almost 50 and have never exercised regularly ......... so I am proud of myself for this.
About 8 weeks ago I stated Calorie King thinking if I did the exercise and was completely aware of food intake the weight loss would speed up..... but not really. I am down 23 pounds in the 29 weeks but I think it should be faster.
Someone tell me that at some magic moment my body will say - "oh, OK we are losing weight here!"
Also does anyone have experience about doing aerobic workouts (treadmill/eliptical) in a cardio building zone instead of a fat buning zone. I use the cardio building programs and guidelines for heart rate - is it possible if I worked less hard on the aerobic side I would lose more weight??
Thanks for advice and encouragement

TENACITY - 1:58PM UTC, Feb 22nd 2009

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Welcome...anytime....we're here for each other:kiss:

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KLS - 6:56AM UTC, Feb 22nd 2009

Thanks so much - really needed some encouragement and to be reminded of all the good I am doing aside from weight loss. Was out tonight and a friend who had not seen me in awhile commented on my weight loss - so that was nice. I am 5'10 - so 20 pounds can come off (or go on) without being really noticeable - so was nice to hear she noticed.... Thanks also for the reminder that if it comes off slower it is more likely to stay off :)
Do really appreciate that you would take the time to respond to me

TENACITY - 2:02AM UTC, Feb 22nd 2009

Ontario Canada

Hi Karen #1 ..congratulations on your loss of 23 in 29...that is FABULOUS!!...

Slow and steady is the best approach. I concur with Karen #2, the body needs time to adjust. Further, as you know as we age we do have hormonal changes that affect us in various ways...too lengthy to get into here. Our metabolism does indeed slow down and along with that our bodies nutritional requirements lessen. Having said that ....our need for physical expenditure increases. In order to prevent osteoporosis we need to exercise as well as maintain our calcium levels. Exercise increasing the oxygen levels in the brain aiding in maintaining healthy brain functioning....and on and on.
Oh and yes...Muscle does weigh more than fat....fat takes up more space you may lose a size or 2 but not seem to have lost much weight. You are exercising quite religiously (YEAH..go girl) and therefore have gained muscle mass which will affect the scales...positively.
Increased muscle mass will aid in increasing your metabolism by the way...
Hope I haven't over answered (hmm poor english sorry)....your questions / concerns.
Good luck to you and keep up the great will get there and stay there..


Stay Well, Stay Fit, Stay Focused

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KLS - 12:20AM UTC, Feb 22nd 2009

Thanks so much - very nice to hear from you. I do try and stay focused on overall health and not just weight loss - but my whole life has been about losing weight. A friend just sent me a pic. of us in grade 10 - I know in grade 10 I thought I was fat and seeing it now makes me so sad because ..... I wasn't.
Anyway - I know the age thing is working against me and I will keep at it. I will be 50 in may so my plan was 40 pounds by 50. That would put me just under the 200 mark - which would be great.
I am very proud of myself for the exercise I have been doing - I'm not sure where the motivation finally came from - thanks again for your words of encouragement. They helped!

CRUISE2009 - 10:42PM UTC, Feb 21st 2009


Hi, Karen-

It's sounds like you are doing a great job with your fitness and weight loss program! Many CK forum contributors are strong advocates for slow and steady weight loss both for health reasons and to allow the body to readjust to the dietary changes thus enhancing weight loss maintenance in the long run. Also, there are rumors out there that as women reach the golden middle years, hormonal changes slow down metabolism making it harder for us to lose weight. It seems so unfair but what can we do except what you are doing right now. I have also heard that muscle tissue weighs more than fat so perhaps that accounts for a slower weight loss than you expected. I am in awe of your exercise routine, by the way, and your tenacity. You should feel very proud of yourself!

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