Joining your group

KAROLUS - 12:52AM UTC, Jan 26th 2008

Hi. I've been part of another group, but it is shutting down, so I decided to join all of you. I offer my support to all of you in whatever way I can. I also commit to sharing with you my own struggles in my weight-management. I look forward to a vigorous and challenging exchange.

BIGJIM - 5:29AM UTC, Feb 22nd 2008

Hi Karolus. I'm new to CK and to this group. I,m in Colorado. I am trying to find someone , or a group to exchange ideas with. It looks like there hasn't been any activitie in this group for a while. Someone please let me know if this group is still active.

Thanks, I hope to hear from you.

Big Jim

Last Edited: 5:32am UTC, February 22nd 2008