May I join?

JSTUECK - 9:29PM UTC, Nov 4th 2007

Hi, folks. I'm 56, still working, so I hope it's not for retired only folk. Im very clear that it gets harder to lose weight as our metabolism slows...and joints hurt! I've had type 1 diabetes since 1960, which also adds some interesting difficulties. However, I like being able to look at life differently, with a broader perspecive gthan I have before. I definitely want to stay healthy, and really would like to lose abougt 30 pounds. I'll need help.

BRITEPHUTR4JULIE - 4:23AM UTC, Nov 19th 2007

I sorry I am just welcoming you now...after two weeks. I am here off and grandparent, first time mother, really needing my support now. I am type 2 diabetic, you are so right about the special needs we have. Let share hints.
Is it harder following your diet plan working?