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MEGABBY - 7:21PM UTC, Sep 8th 2007


I've read some of your posts and was very impressed! It's nice to know people over 50 stay so active.
I achieved the age of 61 in May, but don't feel like it. In fact, I sometimes have a hard time believing I'm really 61. :)

Been jumping back and forth between CK and SP, but feel CK is the better program for tracking food. SP offers more support and I'll probably check in there too to see what's going on, but think I'll stick with CK now.

My husand and I live in Buffalo, NY (and yes the snow has melted!). We will be married 37 years this October 3rd, have four grown daughters, three SIL and five grandchildren. We both work for the same company, he's branch manager and I'm office manager (part time). We like to travel and sing in a college choir, primarily sacred music. One daughter lives with us with her 2 year old daughter, so it's crazy here sometimes. Love them dearly, but you really learn to appreciate the peace & quiet when it happens!

I've had weight problems since the birth of our first daughter. Quit smoking 8 years ago and put on more weight. Now it's time to get really serious. I eat better now and workout at least 3-4 days a week at Ladies Workout Express, sometimes 5 day if I can make it. My problem is I can talk myself out of things so easy......find excuses not to work out. Goal for this week is to dig down deep within and find some some control. I know it's there, just misplaced it.

Anyway, you sound like a great group and maybe we can help each other along the way. Or at the very least, have a few good chuckles!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Mary Ellen

MKANDI7856 - 12:38AM UTC, Sep 11th 2007

Chico, CA

Hi Mary Ellen! I've just turned 61 myself, and I'm with you! I certainly don't feel 61! I have been visiting SP, too, but I find the food diary much easier to manage here than in SP. If I have to spend too much time trying to log in my foods, I just won't do it. At least here on CK, I'm much more consistent about doing it.

Congrats on 8 years of being smoke-free. My son just recently quit smoking and turned the money he was spending on ciggies into a gym membership. I'm so proud of him! I'd like to think that seeing how my hubby and I try to take care of ourselves by eating healthier and exercising has rubbed off on him. He says he's been watching what he's eating, too.

Speaking of the benefits of being smoke-free...I wish they could get that nasty Moonlight Fire put out soon...I'm so tired of seeing smoky skies here, and I know the air quality just isn't that good right now either. Ick!


BUN201 - 12:31AM UTC, Sep 11th 2007

Rhode Island

:hi: and Welcome Mary Ellen.
I second the congratulations on quitting smoking! :clap: That's quite an accomplishment.
I just turned 64 yesterday :( ---my daughter thought I was 62 and I said "So did I!!!" so I know what you mean. How did we get here?????:huh: I guess it beats the alternative. :laugh5:
I also have 4 daughters and 5 grandchildren, but I have one-up on you with a great grandchild! :)
I joined the "no more excuses" group just because I have been the :queen: of inconsistency. I have had a steady loss down, but very sloooooow. :bang: :help:

SW 210........GW.....150
"It's a good thing to hope for help from God." Lam. 3:25

BIGGRAMMA - 5:27PM UTC, Sep 9th 2007

Central California

:wave1: Welcome Mary Ellen...Congratulations on your no smoking for 8 years.:thumbu2:.that is awesome....I hope you really love it here..:love:..I sure do.....Use all of the tools available to you and the program will work for you....:)

:hi: from Donna