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Mobile, AL

I'm sixty-four and need to loose 30-40 lbs. Joined online CK a week ago but have been using system about 3.5 mos. Am impressed with the software; my nutrtion has improved and I have lost 15 lbs. However, have been "plateaued" or stalled-out over a month now. Could someone please share their tips and modes for overcoming stagnation and binging? Thanks. I'm Keith in Mobile, AL

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Mobile, AL

Hi Virginia: My internet connection went out for 5 days but am back now, And, yes, I'm kicking up my working out(gym); in fact heading there in a few minutes fot an hour and a half. Thank goodness there's someone else out there who can hang with "extended maintenance". It sure beats giving up !!

My major problem is that I worked night shift (11-7) for 25 yrs.; so its midnight snack mania for me almost everynight, but I think its getting better. At least I know how to snack healthfully now.
Nice to hear. Let me know how it is going, Keith (Casey) SW=252, CW=234, GW=190

(Has your food entry experience shown you that we get far too little protein most days ?)

VIRGINIAB - 12:09PM UTC, Jun 17th 2008


Hi Keith,

I'm 56, joined CK in March. I've been losing weight since 2000....long, slow journey.
I've had 2 years where I plateaued, or maybe it was maintenance....

Anyway, I believe I'm about 15-20 pounds away from where I think I'd like to be. I've not been doing as well the past 2 weeks and believe I've stalled out also.

I know I've been eating too many calories and not exercising as much as I should.

I use the diary every single day, even when it hurts! (and it hurts to see what I've consumed some days, believe me.)

I know that there is a pure mathematical formula to losing weight....use more calories than you take in.

Are you eating the same way you were when the weight was coming off? How about exercise? doing the same amount?

Sad but true...the older we get, the less calories we need. Can you shake it up a bit, trying new foods or different exercises?

My advice would be to log everything into your diary, try to stay low fat (and low sodium if possible) and exercise a bit more than usual. Set it in your mind that this will be a 7 day experiment.

I'd be interested in how you did.