KWAPIE - 10:35AM UTC, Sep 25th 2010

Well my scale brook, now I have to go out and buy another one. I'm use to weighing in on Monday morning. I don't know what happen to it. It's digital and when I get on it the numbers just go crazy. I wonder if I need batteries, I have never change the batteries in it, maybe I will try that first. Just in case I need new one's got any good recommendations?

KWAPIE - 10:38AM UTC, Sep 26th 2010

Hy BBENNETTFNP, I have a sodium problem too. I hate it ! I have to take a prescription pill for it. If I forget to take it I really put on the pounds, sometimes an extra 5-6 pounds. Mine is a Weight Watchers scale and I will change the battery today and see if that will fix it.


BBENNETTFNP - 5:31AM UTC, Sep 26th 2010 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

I have one that measures body fat. it is a waste. electronic scales are fine but the batteries do need to be changed from time to time. Weight Watcher Brand is a good, solid performer but a bit pricey. but I have calibrated it with my scale at the office and it is consistent. I am on daily weights because of fluid retention issues - DR orders. just hate that. it is so discouraging when the scale climbs, even though I know it was the pizza I ate - yeah I know, too much sodium.

PROHEALTHRN - 3:42AM UTC, Sep 26th 2010

Scales... Got tired of mine being wrong all the time (really! it was 10-13# under the Drs) so bought a new one. Spent a few weeks looking on line checking consumer reports, reviews. I found one at Big Five- a bit limited to choices in our small town.

I did read in the reviews that digital scales go wonky when the batteries go out. Apparently some even need to be re-calibrated after battery is changed. Just a heads up ~ Linda

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