Slow Progress

LOSER51 - 3:31PM UTC, Mar 15th 2008

Austin, Texas

OK, I know I've only been working at this for about a week, but I thought I would at least lose one pound and I haven't lost anything! Of course I was mostly over the calorie cap Calorie King recommended (1200 calories), and on some days ate twice that much! I'm doing a modified version of the Revival diet (has anyone heard about that diet?) which involves eating high protein shakes and bars for breakfast and lunch and then you're supposed to have a low-calorie supper. I have been hungry on several days, but am trying to control that with fresh fruit and veggies. I'm 51 or 52 (I can never remember!), have one teenager at home and the other is in college. Next year I'll be on my own and would like to start dating again (at 51! how terrifying!).

Anyway, thanks everyone for letting me join.

SIMKATHY - 6:19PM UTC, Dec 19th 2008 View users public blog View users public diary


Hey think about dating at 58? Yikes. I will get there eventually. Still have the kids at home however.