COLLETTE228 - 9:00PM UTC, Dec 17th 2009

I'm 81 years old. That is old! I have been trying my whold life to lose weight...and i have lots...but it has always found me. i would love to talk with someone like me.

ROBBIE5 - 7:25PM UTC, Sep 29th 2010

Hi Collette
i am 78 and have been obese since i was a child and have been on some kind of a program all my life. there's only one way to do it and that is to count calories. i know this and i'm sure you know this but some days it is so hard. we are having the same struggle and i don't know what to say but to keep trying. when i stick to it it works. I just finished Shape up Ri and i took off 7 lbs. in 8 weeks because it was a challange and i had to report to someone. there has to be a way to do this and i think its' CK. let's give it a try together.

13FOXTROT - 10:07PM UTC, Feb 2nd 2010

:hi: I would recommend tai chi or light yoga. :)

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