angry with myself

DIANEDRN4 - 4:38AM UTC, Jan 25th 2012

I, in the last 2 months, have lost 5 lbs, gained 4, lost 2 , etc. and I am determined to reach my goal, at least I want to. I am allowed 1200 calories, but cannot seem to stay in that. I work 4 10 hr nights, and am trying to walk when I can. It is very discouraging. I need to lose at least 50 lbs, to keep working, have more energy, stay healthy. I hope I can make it. I have lost and gained 50-75 lbs about 4 times in my life, thought I knew how to keep it off, but obviously failedl I have lost 20-25 lbs, I do not know how many times , and have failed to keep it off, I am so angry, because it will not come off like it used to and so I am really angry with myself. I really do not know if it is possible anymore but I need help. Weight Watchers I've tried so many times, and this is my third attempt, I think, with this. Just have to believe and keep trying I guess. Diane D