are you still there???

RITA150 - 6:43PM UTC, Mar 18th 2008


I too am GOLDEN and loving it. Have not been very active in CK lately. Can't find my nitch. HA! Can we support each other??? Lets hear some ideas. My problem is I'm not a breakfast person, so by lunch ,I'm STARVING.I also like snacking at TV time in the eve. Oh, what to do????

VIRGINIAB - 10:01PM UTC, Apr 30th 2008


Hi Rita,
Yep....LNSGUY54 is correct. You gotta do the breakfast thing. I usually eat about 1/2-1 hour after waking up. Breakfast is usually a high fiber cereal (6 grams of fiber or more). Some cut up fruit and a small amount of nuts round it off. All together, about 250-300 calories, plus milk (1% for us). I have found that having breakfast, plus eating small meals during the day ..("grazing" ).. and stopping eating before 7pm works. It's a habit that takes a bit of time getting used to, but is worth it. CK's dairy is set up to help you track your total daily calories so you don't take in too many. I also agree with the water and exercise suggestions. It's really calories in, calories out...
So, even if you start out by having a yogurt, or having 1/2 bowl of cereal...anything...your body will thank you by being less demanding in the evening.
Good luck!

LNSGUY54 - 1:06AM UTC, Apr 15th 2008


I know this may sound tough, but you need to become a breakfast person. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My typical caloric intake at breakfast is aprox. 700-800 calories, but I exercise 60 minutes a day jogging, rollerblading and/or cycling. A typical 60 minutes rollerblading burns 721 calories so I have to get up and eat a large breakfast. That being said, regardless if you are a breakfast person or not I find 3 things important to weight loss and that is eating regular meals, drinking 8/8 oz glasses of water a day along with cardio/strength training exercise. If you do all 3 and stay within your caloric requirements you will lose weight consistently. I hope this helps.

ELIZA - 3:09AM UTC, Mar 24th 2008


I am not a breakfast person either, but I do like breakfast food, so...I m really making an effort to eat earlier in the morning, then maybe a little later lunch. Some times it ends up brunch. I am not a snacker so I am also trying to have a healthy snack to ward off wanting to eat a hugh meal. i think it is working. I have had trouble with portions and I think eating more often really does help. I have always wanted to do things MY WAY! But it may not be the best way! :) HMMMM! Eliza