back in the saddle again

GAYLEM - 7:25PM UTC, Dec 8th 2008

Hi everyone!
I've been on every conceivable diet out there (as I'm sure many can attest) and a member of CK since 2005. So when I logged on today to reveiw all the changes, nothing like seeing in black and white that I'm only 1.5 pounds lighter than when I started 3 years ago!! Don't get me wrong! I've yo-yoed the last 10 pounds over and over but unfortunately, I'm back where I started! Seeing as my full-time publication job has been cut in half (unfortunately!) and I've taken the time to really familiarize myself with this site, maybe this is the time I can incorporate the changes for the rest of my life! So here goes! With winter upon us and other than the tantilizations of the holiday social calendar, I'm looking at 5 full months ahead to get really serious so I can welcome the warm weather with a healthier, svelter figure! So howdy! Looking forward to getting to know you all better!

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hi Gabriella and Sue,
Congratulations for getting back in the saddle. It inspiring to read your stories, trials and tribulations. How's it going G for losing those last two pounds by 12/26.? I can totally relate to your story because I have tried many diets. Once on Weight Watchers for six months, I did not count my foods even one day. I was so resistant to doing that. That is partly why I joined CK because it is black and white, numbers staring me in the face.

Sue - didn't I see you in the December 30-day challenge group that Virginia started? That thread is huge now. Very overwhelming.

I'm finding that as I log foods I am deeply shocked by the calories of some foods. 7 walnuts = 170 calories? Please tell me this is not true. But as I learn the calories of the worst foods, I try to avoid them and slowly the mix of my diet is changing.

GAYLEM - 2:59PM UTC, Dec 16th 2008

Hi Sue,
Just checked in after posting one week ago! (Such a busy time of the year!) Thanks for responding! You're email is so encouraging! Congratulations to you on your hard work and success! You are an inspiration! I'm all too familiar with my reasons for gaining 5 pounds since THANKSGIVING!! Stress eating...I've been here many, many times before and I know it's nothing knew. As Oprah has just currently admitted, I can't believe I've let this happen...again! So my short-term goal is to lose 2 of the 5 by 12/26 (when I'm going to visit family!) because these last 2 pounds are a very new gain...and should drop off quickly. Then, it's to hold steady and not gain anything more before January 1st when the entire world makes their New Year's resolution to lose 10 pounds!! At least, most of the holiday social engagements are at bay by then!
You're 2 1-/2 inches taller than me and we almost weigh the same!'ve got to be looking pretty thin right now! I'm 5' 6" and weight 145. I was as low as 135 one-and-a half years ago and can't believe I've put back on those 10 pounds! Everything is pretty snug in the thighs right now....and if I can at least drop these current 5 pounds and get to 140, I would be very happy to begin the New Year at that weight to seriously begin my dieting journey. Ideally, I would like to have the scale read 128....a weight that I looked very good at in my 40's so it really should be attainable with a lot of hard work.

Hope you're along for my journey! In the meantime, I am gonig to record, continue my exercise program (just 1 hr on the elliptical...I should definitley begin weight resistance as I did in my 40's!), and hope to get to know you better!
Thanks again!

SBS1955 - 10:51AM UTC, Dec 11th 2008

West of Boston

Hi Gabriella,

You sound like me last March when it all hit home. All my efforts were not getting me anywhere. It was my time and I hunkered down. For me it was very hard in the beginning. I started with WW on line for the first 25#. I was online first thing in the am and every evening. It was my support lifeline and I committed to myself to stick with it for the 3 months I paid for.

I thought at my age, post hyst, post menopause, easting the right food and exercising I was destine to remain "fat". Well the first thing I learned I was eating right - however enough for 2-3 people.

Fast Forward - I graduated to CK and have continued my journey no matter how slow. I am in the best shape I have been in my life. I have muscles I never saw before no matter how thin I was. My weight is at a place I thought I never would or could see again.

Sorry this is such a me-me-me email. I guess sharing shows it can be done. I wish you success and if there is any support I can offer I look forward to it. I look forward to your success as you bloom for the spring.


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