im new

BSWLPN95 - 4:44PM PDT, Jun 21st 2008


hello everyone .. i joined ck about 3 months ago and i have lost 10 lbs so far but it is coming off very slow ... i like reading the blogs and knowing that others are facing the same obstacles as i am.. so once again howdy to all

CITAS347 - 11:21AM PDT, Sep 9th 2008

i am new today !! and am reading these messages. i think loosing it slowly but surely is good! don't you think so ...

EMOTICON - 9:47AM PDT, Aug 19th 2008

Salt Lake City, Utah

I'm here, new. It is great to have a special group of people who are over 50 and are able to state it somewhat publically!

I'm losing verrrryyy slowly, but I have to admit that the only exercise I've gotten in these past few weeks is for walking for candidates for public office. Meh.
That's a long walk only 2 times a week.

I lowered my calorie intake goal, and will walk at least 15 mins a day starting today.

13FOXTROT - 6:20PM PDT, Jul 17th 2008

:hi: Welcome to the group.