just saying hello to everyone

MORGANCA2008 - 12:20AM UTC, Apr 18th 2008

hello everyone,
I'm morgan and new to calorie king. I'll be 55 in 10 days. I'm trying to lose 40 lbs and desperately need support I'm hoping to find it here,. I realize being an mature woman-my metabolism has slowed tremendously so I welcome any exercise tips. To everyone stay encouraged


VIRGINIAB - 9:51PM UTC, Apr 30th 2008


Any ideas of what to talk about? For me, it's the affect aging is having on my ability to lose weight. With age comes wisdom, sure, but a lot more challenges in the battle of the bulge! 13FOXTROT-Love your picture! MORGANCA2008-you mentioned exercise, so here goes.
Exercise tips: Walking...really works. You determine the rate at which you walk, how long and where. Keep in mind that any activity (otherwise known as exercise) is better than none. Now, I'm not saying I exercise as much as I should, but I do know that when ever I do, I feel better for it! Got a flight of stairs in your home? go up and down it a few times a day (just be sure to hold on!). Got a few cans of soup around? Use them as free weights to do some lifting....There are so many ways to use enery (calories) during the day. We've invested in an elliptical. Great machine for when you can't get outdoors (which happens quite a bit during the winter here in the Northeast) That's about it for now...anybody out there? Kind regards to all. Virginia

VIRGINIAB - 9:38PM UTC, Apr 30th 2008


Hi there,
I'm new to the group also. Would love to share thoughts, etc. I'm 56, Female, have lost 80 lbs in the past 7 years and I am fighting a weight gain. I have good ideas but would love to hear from others.

13FOXTROT - 1:30AM UTC, Apr 18th 2008

:hi: Welcome to the Golden group. I'm new to this group and it seems to be slow.