now I'm 59

MARILYN58 - 3:33AM UTC, Aug 31st 2007

So. CA

Hello to all; nice to find a group I can ID with....I'm trying to loose at least 10 lbs before my daughter's wedding in mid Oct. I've been exercising at the gym three days a week for 45min to an hour and minding my diet only moderately... and of course my results are NOT! I am firmed up but no change on the scale. My husband (retired) is no help. I hope you all will give me some support........ I really want this!! mak

BRITEPHUTR4JULIE - 4:32AM UTC, Nov 19th 2007

How did you do at the wedding?

MARILYN58 - 7:47PM UTC, Sep 8th 2007

So. CA

Thanks for the info Hilda, but actually my problem was a simple fix.....My MD had changed my hypertension meds (at my request to see if I could help my Parkinson's) and the new med was the cause....So I have changed back to the old meds and am doing very well now..... Be sure to discuss any symptoms/changes you may have with your doctor as they may be a result of meds and usually there are alternatives.....:thumbu2:

ANNIESGIRL39 - 4:47AM UTC, Sep 2nd 2007

Hi Marilyn.......about those ankles, I have problems with this also. Recently I began getting massages for feet and legs and have been helped in just a short time. I'm sure there are precautions with this so I would check with my doctor but honestly, my legs are feeling and looking much better. My pediatrist is certified in treating individuals with diabetes which raises the bar of expectations slightly.....

I should add that after she finishes the massage, she very carefully pushes the fluids up to the lymph nodes behind the knees. Hope this helps.


MARILYN58 - 5:30AM UTC, Sep 1st 2007

So. CA

Hello to you all, what wonderful responses.....
I found out today that my recent weight gain of 2-3#'s is probably related to the new blood pressure medication I was changed ankles look like little blimps at the end of the I left my MD a message and I will hopefully get changed back to my previous meds and quickly loose a couple of #''s hoping anyway.....Just a good thought to keep in mind as we all age and get placed on these medications to fix one thing and then mess up something else.......!!
I'm still committed to following the diet and exercise programs.......I feel great and with the change in my meds I will be managing my medical conditions too........

To you all: Have a wonderful holiday weekend......:thumbu2:

marilyn k

MKANDI7856 - 5:08PM UTC, Aug 31st 2007

Chico, CA

Hi Marilyn! If you are feeling more firmed up but the scale hasn't changed, it simply means you are losing fat and gaining more muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less space. I tend to go more with the way my clothes are fitting than put so much importance on the scale.


CLASSYBLUE - 6:34AM UTC, Aug 31st 2007 View users public diary

Vancouver BC Canada

Hi, as you can see from my picture, my daughter recently married. I didn't quite get down to where I wanted to be but almost. I'm still fighting the battle so I can't help much, just suggest that you make sure you record everything that you put in your mouth.
I've read where they say it is strictly calories in versus calories out, it doesn't matter what they are made up of & I tend to agree. While it is certainly healthier to eat all the right things, it really doesn't matter as far as weight loss is concerned.
All in all, it is wonderful to have a reason to lose weight and to keep it off. Just keep your goal in mind.