STILL.CRAZY - 3:31PM UTC, Aug 21st 2010

dana point, ca

Hey folks we need to spice up this group! dont see many recent postings- Im in Dana point calif and my bones hurt lol! Im 62 and have a yukky stomach so dieting especially hard. I have lost 33 points since my high of 226 two years ago. whos here? whats doin?

my issues are: no memory, lazy, undisciplined about logging. ifyou want to play bridge, sail, paint, golf, im there. but doing stuff good for my health- the evil me makes that hard.

PROHEALTHRN - 12:17AM UTC, Aug 31st 2010

I have not been on this group's board but I fit in. Now what could be better than sailing in Dana Point or off the point? That is such a pretty area. There must be some beautiful areas to walk in. Do you have a friend that could buddy with you on those walks? My walking buddy got me out there when it was 36 degrees, and I get her out when it is hot. We balance each other and encourage each other. Besides, we talk and that makes the walking pass SO fast. I did not even realize we had completed 2 laps around the road until we were nearly done this AM (=4miles)!

I live in Placerville, CA now but was raised in Escondido, CA. Haven't been down through your area in many years- we go via 395 now to avoid the traffic in the LA basin when we travel south. Miss being so close to the beaches but I am a mountain mama now!

mileage challenge for Aug:
8-1 to 8-7=28.6 miles
8-8 to 8-14=31.5 miles
8-15 to 8-21=39 miles
8-22 to 8-30= 35.6 miles

HW 222
CKSW 210
CW 190
GW 145