KLYOUNG1127 - 3:30AM UTC, Aug 1st 2009


Just started this thing 2 days ago...went to the Endo (I have Type 1 diabetes) and all my numbers were up there and I was terribly disappointed. My DR. suggested this site for tracking and that it was cheap. So far so good, I've found that I don't eat that much-it's the little bit of this, a drink or two, etc. that creeps me over the line. Dairy Queen is definately a no-no unless I starve myself all day! I've become sedantary and have no drive to exercise when done working all day--need to work on that. Hopefully this acountability thing will make me want to enter exercise into the tracker. Wish me luck!

ECONGIRL23 - 3:40AM UTC, Mar 20th 2010

Hello! Just found this group. Hope you have been successfull with your efforts! I am starting CK again for the second time. This time I plan on sticking with it! Like you I just get too worn out when I get home from work to exercise. I am starting again by taking baby steps. I am working on controlling what I eat and then when the weather warms up will work on taking walks and adding in exercise again. Anyhow, look forward to talking with you more!