9 days in , down 3lbs

JAMIECALDERA - 7:54PM UTC, Jun 27th 2010 View users public diary

New Orleans, LA

So I'm nine days in and I'm down 3lbs. Haven't had a soda since Tuesday , but chugging water like crazy. I've found two glasses that are 16 ozs and the other 12oz but I lose track of how many times I've filled them. Any suggestions? Or just don't worry about it? I mean you can't be over hydrated right?

KELSKI - 2:09AM UTC, Sep 1st 2010

Springfield, MO

Great job in losing 3 lbs...keep up the good work!


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MISS130 - 4:12PM UTC, Jul 9th 2010

San Francisco

It's hard to get overhydrated...it takes drinking 2 or 3 gallons of water a day. What happens then is that the water flushes out too many of the salts we need. In extreme cases (3+ gallons of water a day for a number of days), seizures can occur. But unless you're filling and drinking that 16 oz glass twelve times a day, every day, there's not much to worry about.