Hi I'm new to CK

LITTLEGIRL - 11:43PM UTC, Dec 29th 2009

Hi everyone I'm new to CK and it is helping. I lose 1 pound since starting a week ago. Let see I put the weight on when I turned 30 it was after my Kidney transplate. I went from 125 to 164 in six months. I was work hard on loosing the weight and dropped 5 pounds the I gain it back. Well I lost me vision went to a school for the blind and I was so busy I lost 17 pound. Then I was helping a friend who was being harasse and make to feel uncomfortable so I helped her out. While doing so I broke my foot and was put in awheelchsir again. (See I was in a wheelchair for 5 Years and 11 Months) so I ate and ateand put on the 17 pounds plus 10 more that why i'm here to lose the wieght and keep it off:wave1: