The 200 Situp Challenge

THINURS - 7:16PM UTC, Jan 16th 2009


I know there are some of you out there that are interested in a challenge. I'm going to try the "200 consecutive situp challenge" from this website:

If you want to join me in the quest just post your progress here. I'm starting tomorrow (Saturday January 17th!)


COSMO77 - 9:42PM UTC, Feb 10th 2009

Redmond, WA

100 Pushups Week 1, Day 1 max: 13

Since I was able to do 13 after an entire workout, I'm thinking I might not have pushed myself very hard during the initial test. :P Oh, well, I doubt it would put me into a different level either way. Felt good. Not sore today, which is even better!
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COSMO77 - 4:26PM UTC, Jan 28th 2009

Redmond, WA

Hi Thinurs - thanks for starting this thread. I found the 100 Pushups and 200 Situps challenges a few weeks ago and have been thinking about taking the plunge. Now we can help each other follow through! :D

For the record, I'm doing situps on a fitness ball and pushups with knees on the floor (I could only do 2 "real" pushups and that just did not seem like an effective starting point; so I'll get to 100 "knee" pushups, then start over with real ones.)

Initial test (1/15/2009):
SUs: 35 - Rank: Poor (duh) - Starting Week 3, Column 2
PUs: 11 - Rank: 2 - Starting Week 1, Column 2

MOCHAVW - 6:09AM UTC, Jan 26th 2009


Just looked at the group messages and saw what you wrote. I will look into the website you provided and start the challenge tomm. I agree 200 situps is a lot! Too bad it is not crunches:)

THINURS - 3:35PM UTC, Jan 17th 2009


So I did my first "test" and I can do 41 consecutive situps. 200 seems like a lot!