What is your goal this week/next week?

MSLITTLEGEEK - 10:03PM UTC, Jan 26th 2010 View users public blog View users public diary

My goal the rest of this week is to not have another Pepsi. If I behave Thursday and Friday I can have on Saturday. Then next week go without Pepsi Sunday - Friday.

LOOSEMORE09 - 2:25PM UTC, Apr 5th 2010

hi, i am not 'new' to the site, but ive never really 'posted' on the groups..
i am 35 and my doc wants me 2 loose 50 lbs (or more) within the next year..
my goal for the week.. i HAVE 2 wean my son ..(he's almost 3 so its past time)
so i can start a fierce diet/exercise program and the doc wanted me on Crestor (for cholesterol) like a month ago :(
so i need support/ inspiration for all this..~

JAZZYFRESH - 4:03PM UTC, Feb 7th 2010

That's a great goal. My goal this week is write in my diary and stay within my calorie range.:wink3:

DANKI - 1:59AM UTC, Feb 6th 2010


That's a great challenge and very do-able! Good luck and keep us posted on your results.

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