50+ and getting younger

KITTYCASS1 - 1:46AM UTC, May 13th 2010

Hi, I'm new to the 50+ group, but pleased to find a group that fits my profile. I have been a member just for one and half weeks so really new so therefore enthusiastic and optimistic.
I have posted on blogs and newbie thread so far - liking the thought of my words getting out there and being read by supportive people in the same predicament as me, unable to shift 10kg off, because I keep up the non-hungry eating behaviour I have relied on for a 'lifetime' to maintain comfort and relieve boredom. At least that is my diagnosis of the reason.

I find it easy to walk for an hour and am now doing that regularly, I fit it in on my days off (working full-time as health professional) and am filling out the diary pretty much after each meal. Am loving that the calories get taken off immediately you record the exercise and it means I could eat much more.

Just getting used to having many more calories to eat than I usually think is right for me. I would have thought 1200 would be what I should aim at to lose wieght but CK have said 1450 and then with exercise it goes up - so I am actually never hungry. But I still find myself getting up to the kitchen and viewing the contents of the frig or larder looking for something to nibble on - after meals. So far today I have stuck to fruit as my nibbles.

So I am looking forward to reading others experiences with their 'non-hungry' eating. I prefer that term to the word 'binge' which has really negative connotations and I am trying not to think of anything I do as negative, because that leads to self loathing and I think that is probably the most destructive things we can do to ourselves when we are trying to lose weight. We must be full of thoughts of how wonderful we are, unique and special and we are 'worth it'. Anyway that's what I think and it has been working for one and half weeks so far. lost 3.b first week:)

looking forward to hearing from more 50 plussers, what a wonderful decade, really grown up but pretty much also freed up from the chores of earlier decades.:clap::hi::kiss::heart1::thumbu2:

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DANCER - 2:55AM UTC, Jun 2nd 2010

now its going to get harder, a few inches off the waist in the first four weeks, but now its into the 'hard yards' so to speak. This is where I get 'bored' with the food regimen, get the blues about the slowness of the weight loss and start to think longingly of fatty salty tasty foods and snacks which can be easily gobbled down without making me feel full and only later later do I start to feel so full and fed up that I lose the plot completely. Now I know that virtually all of you out there know these feelings so its nothing new, however, I really would like help to overcome these. I give others the sage advice of going off to do exercise when these feelings overcome and submerge us, but of course, can I take my own advice .... there's the rub no its not so easy when its actualy happening to you and you have to overcome the urge to overeat all by yourself...
Anyway I'm putting it out there really to challenge myself, there I've actually said it, and its going to be a constant button I can press when I am feeling that I may jump 'off the wagon' so to speak, I'll just look up my own blog and any replies I get and that in fact may be the trigger (reminder) to stop right here and jump back on the 'wagon' - afterall with so much good work having been done over the past month why sabotage it now..... that would be ridiculously stupid really.
so come on , continue to forge a new way of behaving around food and watch the results.....
love to all out there overcoming the same 'burdens' of a lifetime of comfort eating

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KITTYCASS1 - 9:17PM UTC, May 28th 2010

another week under the belt so to speak. Am waiting with trepidation for tomorrow's measure and weigh exercise, hope, hope, hope I've made another dent in the goal. Anyway, have tried pretty hard to stay on track, finding it boring sometimes, not being able to just 'pig' out and have lots of yummy snacks. Seem to be reliant on carrots and apples lately and of course the ubiquitous raw nuts for difference. Getting the habit of the water, I leave an empty glass out on the bench to remind me to have another when passing by, and of course I pass by the kitchen a lot.....! Loving the walking though and finding it easy to fit in in the afternoon, before dinner, quite motivating too, I spend the time talking to myself about what I have achieved.
hope everyone out there is finding their way and avoiding the temptation to overeat.....

KITTYCASS1 - 1:37AM UTC, May 24th 2010

Another week has gone by, the weight is slowly edging off, don't feel that much different but a little, enough to be optomistic. 4lb off since starting is better than nothing at all, and a whole lot better than before joining. However, I have been at this stage before with restricted eating and regular exercise so it is really the next 4 weeks which will be the 'answer' or not. So its a matter of hanging in, being 'religious' about keeping the diary and the low calorie snacks and of course daily exercise. Raining heavily presently so I think I'll take a nap and see about a walk later, yes, great idea, a cup of tea, a nap and then exercise.......
have a good week everyone.....:clap:

KITTYCASS1 - 7:18AM UTC, May 17th 2010

Here I am again, I am aiming to post a thought weekly. This week I learned that you cana't fool the diary - so weight loss was just 2 lbs over two weeks. I guess that is fine by next year I will have reached my goal and also I am not at all hungry. The best thing is that by walking an hour each day it gives me little rewards - extra snacks. I could lose faster but not as enjoyably. So far so good, hope you all out there are being successful, if I fail to lose one lb per week I will be very sad......
wishing you all lots of motivation and exercise this week:);):hi:

KITTYCASS1 - 10:16PM UTC, May 13th 2010

thank you so much, so good to get a reply, yes I have been given 1450 calories per day and I do trust that, in fact it is plenty for me, however, I still am tempted to 'cheat' the rules and go over, I love the fact that I can walk and that gets taken off.

I have put up an addition to my public blog today outlining how I am not on track for weight loss this week and how I intend to try and catch up over the next three days. Wish me luck
off for long walk now and as I will lbe on night duty tonight I will have to take healthy low calorie snacks to get through the night.

once again, thanks your reply, so good to have someone out there supporting me.:heart1:;)

NTHOM1111 - 3:55PM UTC, May 13th 2010


My hospital offered an analysis of my resting calorie burn rate at a cost of $50. That also included a discussion with a nutritionist about the results. The test involved me breathing into a tube for several minutes and the carbon exhaled is analyzed.

I am 57 and fairly active. The result for me was that I burn calories at an estimated 1800 over the period of a day with normal activity. The nutritionist recommended I eat 1500 calories a day to lose weight at a reasonable rate. Calorie King recommends 1500 a day for me also. How did they know???...

Since you are a health professional, you might want to look into that test so you will have scientific data to support your program. Or just trust Calorie King. They seem to be a pretty good source.:thumbu2: