50 this year.

ARTISTICONE - 8:04AM PST, Nov 7th 2009

I am new to this program ( 2 days) but am thankful there is a group of 50 plus people.
I am going to work on the food planning and also doing 30-40 Minutes of cardio and 20 Minutes of weight lifting 4-5 days a week. I will let you know my progress. but this has always worked well for me before. it's really a matter of creating a new habit. which I heard takes 21 days., So good Luck to all of us.


TERRIW5 - 2:17PM PST, Nov 18th 2009

Hi Diane ,thanks for your kind words.My mom also stopped eating after Dad died,but she was good at covering up( we suspected).She had heart failure.She passed away almost 3 months to the day of Dad's death,4 days after Thanksgiving and after she saw my nephew from NY and my daughter from college.i think they just know and hold on to see or hear loved ones one last time.My brother passed away in 2006 and its him who I think I see.Have a good Thanksgiving!

WORKINGHARD2LOSE - 11:36AM PST, Nov 16th 2009


Terri, sorry to hear about your loss as well.

My dad had cancer and died between 5:00 am - 6:00 am on Tuesday July 8th

My mom had diabetes and her kidneys were shutting down. We got things organized for my dad, the family arrived from out east and once my daughter arrived on Friday (she was mom's favorite grandchild and a nurse), mom started not eating and slipped in a coma. I found her at 5:15 a.m. on Tuesday, July 15 - one week to the hour of dad. Its been rough - family issues with my siblings.

Certain events trigger memories - or I'll see an older man walking and from the back he looks like dad did. Do you have that happen?

Susan & Jan - the countdown is on.....we'll be on a plane to CA a week from tomorrow :)

Diane from Iowa
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"If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the answer"

TERRIW5 - 6:41AM PST, Nov 16th 2009

Hi Diane ,Both my parents died in 2008 also.My Dad in Sept. and my Mom in Dec. right after Thaanksgiving.It is really hard,especially this time of year.

ANDERJAN2000 - 4:50PM PST, Nov 12th 2009

Puget Sound, Washington


So jealous that you can spend Thanksgiving in San Diego. The best weather ever is there and my son.

I am doing good. I have had a tough week and have not worked out since Monday. I will workout tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

It must be the change of seasons. I have been wanting to bake and eat! So far, I haven't succumbed. I have upped my calories and have considered doing maintenance. But, I am so close to goal, and yet, I don't really know what my goal should be.


Starting Weight 216.5
Starting CK Weight 183
Current Weight 136.5
Goal Weight 130?

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SUSANKIF - 11:50AM PST, Nov 12th 2009


Hi Diane,

I hope you enjoy your family visit in San Diego very much! I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving when my younger son will come home from college. Oakland is the city across the Bay from San Francisco. The East Bay has many beautiful parks in the hills and along the Bay as well as lots of restaurants with cuisines from all over the world.

I enjoyed a visit to San Diego many years ago and I always enjoyed staying in Des Moines when we drove west from New Jersey my former home.

I know we will always miss our parents especially during holiday celebrations, but that is also part of growing older. Good luck with your retirment plans.

Hopefully we'll all get through the holidays successfully on the CK program as well.


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WORKINGHARD2LOSE - 9:59AM PST, Nov 12th 2009


my parents both died in July 2008. Its hard, isn't it?
Once my hubby & I retire, we would like to move closer to our daughter and her family. Its important to us to be in our grandchildren's lives as much as possible. Can't wait for the time we can accomplish that move:) Of course, they need to retire from the military first and settle in one place!!

I'm not sure where Oakland is. We're going to San Diego in 2 weeks. My son lives in North Hollywood but San Diego was the closest time share open that slept 6 over the Thanksgiving holiday. Our entire family will be there - yeah

Diane from Iowa
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"If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the answer"

SUSANKIF - 5:25PM PST, Nov 10th 2009


I also love gourmet food, good wine and new restaurant experiences. My parents too died a few years ago and I moved recently to California to be nearer to my two year old grandaughter, my older son and his family. Losing some weight only became a priority for me about six months ago after I had gained 10 pounds above a healthy weight and was again advised by my doctor to lose the weight. (borderline high cholesterol) Anyway I now enjoy walking daily. Where I live I can walk to many shops and great restaurants. So -I enjoy walking, a healthy habit, but I want to enjoy the evenings out too sampling different cuisines. One problem I face having moved recently is that I am only slowly making new friends here and I don't really have an exercise buddy other than my husband who sometimes joins me. I would like to join a hiking club if I can improve my speed to keep up with experienced walkers. I'm very glad to hear your stories.....

SOPHIE102 - 9:18AM PST, Nov 8th 2009 View users public blog

Western North Carolina

I am a returning CK member. I had lost roughly 100 pounds and kept it off for about 4 years. However, I recently closed by my old business, moved out of state to a small town in Western, NC and opened a new business. Then in the midst of this my Dad died. So I am now 25 pounds up and struggling. I read your post about the chocolate and beer event with interest. I love to bake and am generally a food snob even though I'll admit to loving junky candy. Anyway, I've joined the 50 plus group for some support. I was particularly interested in your post. When I was recording calories I could go to the fanciest restaurant, write it all down, maybe cut some calories from the day after or exercise more and then voila, maintain my weight.

ARTISTICONE - 7:35AM PST, Nov 8th 2009

Hi Jan,
Thanks for the Welcome. How are You?
Yesterday I had a terrific Challenge, I am a Professional Pastry Chef and Had to atttend an event here in Minneapolis called " The Affair" it's all about Micro brew beers,small boutique wine samplings as well as gourmet Dressings and Breads. This is all ending with Chocolate Sculptures and lot of sampling. It was a successful day because I did not go crazy with the sampling or the drinking... And I recorded it all.
It was great to have a place to do this...It all keps me accountable and honest. And attending this Food Show is something that I will have to learn to work with. And Blogging about it all also makes it more real. Well it's off to the local Garden Center to buy Amarysis bulbs for the Holidays. Have a spectacular day.

ANDERJAN2000 - 8:44PM PST, Nov 7th 2009

Puget Sound, Washington

Set goals that you can obtain and start slow. If you are not currently working out, try for two days per week to start exercising and counting calories. Then, keep adding things to track e.g. fiber, fat, carbs. Then add more exercise. It has worked for me.


Starting Weight 216.5
Starting CK Weight 183
Current Weight 136
Goal Weight 125?

SOFTSPOKEN - 2:56PM PST, Nov 7th 2009

Summer Days

Hi, JoAnna!

I was so unwilling to get active at first. I think I just worked on the eating end of things for at least a month at the beginning. I felt so stiff and sore!!!! I've been here since April and IMO, Calorie King is the best! Welcome, I know you'll love it.

Jan, 55

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CKSW: 233
Currently: 187
Dec. Goal: 183

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