50 to lose and nt budging a pound after 1 month

PATTII - 5:04PM UTC, Feb 11th 2013

I am taking advice of the system and joining a group. I am a 57 yr old female who is a walking talking miracle. 1 year ago I had 2 strokes, died twice after the 2nd stroke and was on life support for 4 days. I have been eeking my way back to life little by little. My strokes were caused by atril fibrulation and resulted in a messed up heart - one side beating against the other and fib not under control. The result was two heart surgeries 4.3.12 and 4/26/12 the last which resulted in a major bleed in my non stroke leg that sent me back in progress almost to the beginning. All this to share where I am at - not have a pity party.

Fact is my doctors are really pushing me to lose 50 lbs which I know I must for my health and the fact is I REALLY WANT TO AND AM READY to be lighter and healthier. Yet a year on weight watchers and I didn't budge a pound. So I cancelled that and decided to count calories instead as a nutritionist said weight watches may allow too many good carbs for a person my age. I joined CK in January 2013

I am active (not totally sedentary) and can walk 2 miles a day. I take care of my own home (cleaning, fixing, organizing etc) and am driving myself to appointments now and so much more. I park away from buildings not in handicapped parking although I could. Yet....no matter the calories I cut (down to 1200 per day in CK now) and what stroke /heart friendly exercise I add I seem to be going no where.

Has anyone been in this place? I know it is harder now that we are older. Yet I cannot work out sweating hard like I once did. I know eating fewer calories just frustrates the body into not budging and I wonder if I am already there? What did you do to break it? I do NOT want doctors to put me on BP medicine which they threaten. However I react so badly to BP drugs I don't want to go there. Need to get my BP down (thus my weight down)...its sitting around 128 / 80 to 135 / 86 range. Before menopause I had really low BP, and could lose 20 lbs pretty darn easy. But here I am -- a year at the same weight and I am not sitting around eating bon bons and I am not a couch potato.

Any experience is appreciated.

GARDYNER - 3:59PM UTC, Jan 25th 2014


Hi, Pattii, wow, you have really been through the wringer! I don't have any specific advice, being a newbie myself, but just wanted to congratulate you on surviving the past year, and your positive steps in joining WW and now CK. I have heard that sometimes it takes experimentation to find the program that works for YOU, let's hope this is the one! Hang in there, keep your diary, and see what happens. I'm pulling for you!!!


HW 191
SW 173
LW 145.8
CW 190
GW 150