"Age is a State Of MInd"

RALPH1952 - 10:37AM UTC, Jan 13th 2010

San Benito Texas

This was a favorite quote from my Grandmother, at 92 she loved to play the harmonica and Miniature Golf, She took Tole Painting lessons in her 80's After having a skin cancer removed from her forehead, she thought that was great because, "It took 10 years of wrinkles from her face"
At 57 I have retired twice, had 4 spinal surgeries, a double bypass, two stent's in my heart and am deaf in my right ear which causes sever balance problems. I will loose the 60 lbs this year, " All Attitude and Fortitude":rock1:

MERRYRAVEN - 6:36AM UTC, Jan 31st 2010 View users public diary

Pacific Northwest

My 79 year old mother rides her exercise bike 2 miles a day. She does it so she won't stiffen up.
She has osteoporosis but is otherwise pretty healthy. She is my inspiration. She still does the NYT crossword in ink.

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MZSWEET - 8:34PM UTC, Jan 26th 2010

Hold on.... wait..... let me find my attitude!!!! I almost forgot how old I was. :) :) :)

LYNNHERNANDEZ - 5:58PM UTC, Jan 23rd 2010

Somewhere between here and there

Agreed it is a state of mind. I turn 50 in April and i just had braces put on today. You are never to old.

Yes you will lose the weight.


You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the duration of this lifetime.

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