Another newbie

GRACEENOUGH - 12:07PM UTC, Jun 30th 2013

I started CK about 3 weeks ago, as a gift from a co-worker who has lost over 50 lbs by religiously following the program. I just turned 58, and have been gaining 10 lbs every year for the past 5 or so, and I want to stop it!! Aging bodies require more work than I ever could have guessed :(
I use mapmyfitness on my iPhone to track my walking, and input that info into CK's dairy. My co-worker also recommended I get a digital scale to weigh my food and get accurate data to input, so that I really see where my food habits are leading me astray. I lost 7 lbs in a couple weeks, then went out of town w friends for the weekend & gained 3 back, then was my birthday & gained I have gone backwards over the past week! Aggravating!!
Thought I'd post, to hold myself more accountable.