Back to the basics

SHEVSHE - 12:10AM UTC, Dec 31st 2010

Hi, just started back after four months, gained 6.6 lbs since the beginning of the year, so now I'm starting over again. At 58 yrs old I'm still learning to control my food intake, its a lifelong journey. I do have some good news, bought a treadmill for my birthday and I'm training for this year's marathon. Losing weight would no only help my self-esteem and body image, but my ability to run 13.1 miles. I've got 6 months to prepare, any advise?

SUZYQ1956 - 9:05PM UTC, Jan 2nd 2011 View users public diary


Hi I am refocusing also. have been out of control since October and have gained back 15 pounds. I know it is sgoing to be just like starting over. i feel terrible. My clothes fit horribley. Need to do this for my health.

A year from now you will wish that you started today
Nothing tastes better than looking good feels
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