Battling Cancer through exercise and nutrition

GREGG1 - 2:44AM UTC, Jan 31st 2009

New to CK but just wanted to say that with the help of a bowflex, working out 6 days a week, utilyzing the BodyBugg and good positive attitude - one can overcome anything. I was diagnosed withprostate cancer, suffered a stroke in June from the female hormone shots and still worked out. This past month (January) with the help of journaling, portion control and the high tech data bases available - I have dropped 17 pounds. My goal is 51 pounds by april. This site is an awesome site for support, and information on "clean eating." :bigeyes3:

TENACITY - 2:05AM UTC, Feb 23rd 2009

Ontario Canada

Gregg...Congratulations on your successes...All of Them..

Slow and steady one day at a time and you WILL get there...

Keep us posted..:talking:

Stay Well, Stay Fit, Stay Focused

SW / 159 CW / 151 GW / 135

BREEZIN - 10:29PM UTC, Feb 5th 2009

How wonderful for you that inspite of your physical set backs, you've gained an insight into your overall health that will help you fight the "battle". Losing 17 pounds is a powerful motivator as I'm sure you feel (and look) so much better. Wishing you continued success.