Can't Lose the First 10 Pounds

LCELAM - 6:18AM UTC, Mar 22nd 2010

I've been eating correctly (more or less a 1,700 calorie limit) and going to the gym 3-5 days a week for a full two months now, and I've only lost six pounds total! I had been told that 10 pounds a month was a realistic goal, but it's not happening.

People do tell me that my face is a bit thinner and that they can tell that my body has changed a bit, but my clothes fit the same and the scale only shows a 6 pound loss. My frustration level is rising.

Has anyone else eaten correctly, exercised a minimum of 3 days a week and still not been able to lose weight? What did you do about it? Any secrets to success will be appreciated.

(BTW - I'm 50.)

KEFRAN - 11:09PM UTC, Apr 19th 2010

dont be discouraged. I have just started back again to losing weight and have gone two weeks without losing an ounce. I need to get it off and I need to work out at the gym. This week I will only get there two days but next week I hope to make it three days

2HOBBIT1 - 12:16PM UTC, Apr 18th 2010

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If you want more detailed help, we need more info about you. You need to open up you logs so we can see more about your food choices and exercise preferences. Fill in you personal information too. It helps to know how much you want to loose - choices are different based on age and amount to loose.


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BMMAC - 3:37AM UTC, Apr 13th 2010

I've been at it one year this week, and for the first time in my weight history I haven't weighed myself for the past year, but instead focused on my target calories as the number I paid attention to. I have my physical this week so I'll finally see how much weight I've lost. I have found it to be very freeing to not be getting excited or bummed out by a couple of pound swing one way or another. By focusing on the calorie target I'm aiming at the one number that really counts, and for me I've found it to be very helpful. My guess is I've lost 50 pounds and later this week I'll know, and then I won't worry about my weight for another year. It may not be the way to go for everyone but for me it's been really helpful.

LOSINGSLOWLY - 3:50AM UTC, Apr 1st 2010

I've changed my screen name to "Losing Slowly," but I'm the person who started this thread. Thank you all for the suggestions and encouragement!

My personal trainer/coach and a dietician set the 1,700 calorie goal, while CK has suggested 2,000 as my goal. Most days I stay within 100 calories of my goal, but as my frustration mounts so do the calories. My coach has suggested a sabbatical from the scale for a while, as that's the biggest source of my frustration. I'm giving that a try for a couple of weeks to see what happens.

Since CK suggested more calories than I'm eating, I think I will take the suggestions to find out what my RMR is and to check my thyroid function.

Again, thank each of you for your assistance.

Losing Slowly :help: :huh:

HEKATE - 1:08AM UTC, Mar 31st 2010

West Coast

Have your thyroid checked. It can have a significant impact on our ability to lose weight.


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GRAMMYV - 4:31PM UTC, Mar 28th 2010


I am having the same problem. I walk at least 30 minutes a day & eat 1400 calories. I have had a couple slip ups, but not bad. I have lost 1 lb in 4 weeks. Like you say, I feel the difference in my clothes and mussle tone, but I sure would like to see the scale budge!!!! Finding it hard to stay motivated...

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SWIMMER10 - 12:49PM UTC, Mar 28th 2010


My understanding is 1 lb /week is the average weight loss, so.....6 lbs last month is GREAT! I agree with everyone else that 1700 calories/day may be a bit much unless you are spinning every day or some other exercise that burns that many calories. You may want to consult a dietitian and have a resting metabolic test done to see how many calories your body burns every day just functioning. It may be a good starting point. hang in there you're doing great!

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JILLMARSH - 5:23PM UTC, Mar 25th 2010

I too have had a problem losing anything. I started the program about 3 weeks ago, had my doctor help set my calorie goal, and use my Wii for exercise. I haven't lost any. I did start eating a little better. My calorie goal is 1200 and sometimes I have trouble getting up to it. I am trying to be patient but it is not easy.
I'm sure that if I keep it up I will get there. Hopefully by the time I go on a cruise this fall.
Maybe setting a goal for yourself like mine will help.
Good luck:wave1:

TENACITY - 10:54PM UTC, Mar 22nd 2010

Ontario Canada

Hi Lcelem

Congratulations on your SIX lb weight loss! Six pounds is Six pounds!! A loss is a LOSS, and not a GAIN. All of these are good! Now as for the 10 pounds a month? Personally I believe that it is an unrealistic goal and even if you did attain it, would be short lived. Our weight goes on slowly, gradually over time. It is best to lose it the same way, for reasons other than just rapid re-gain.

I concur with Julietta. We are all indiviiduals, we all have a different BMR and RMR, our food choices and activity choices will also have an impact on our weight loss goals. CK has some great resources that will enable you to plug in your age, current weight and current activity levels which will assist you in determining your daily requirements.

It is also important to note that we all face age related changes that affect our metabolism. If you are interested in learning more just message me and I will try to fill in any blanks that you may have. Everyone on CK is great and you will find them all very supportive and helpful.

I wish you continued success with your weight loss endeavours. Remember though with each meal and at the end of every day be sure to sprinkle on and replenish your patience. :-)

All the best
Sheila aka Tenacity

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JULIETTA - 7:35PM UTC, Mar 22nd 2010

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I think people who have been here longer will have wiser things to say... but at age 50 your metabolism is going to be lower. Did CK set your 1,700 calorie goal? I am 52 and weigh 192 now, and my RMR (resting metabolic rate) is 1448 calories. That means that if I don't exercise, 1448 calories just MAINTAINS my weight. Anything above that begets the slow weight gain I have experienced for the last 11 years. I know that just living life and the minimal movement I do at the office bumps my RMR up a little higher than 1448. But still.... I can't eat what I used to eat, and that's largely because of my age. Sad, but true. Even more depressing, I'll get to eat less and less as I get older. So the time to learn how to make low calorie food interesting and tasty is now!

My CK calorie goal is 1200. When I exercise (3-4 days per week now), I get to eat more. I've been spending a lot of time in the produce and seasonings section. I enter my anticipated calories every morning and tweak it as I go. For example, I just took off a slice of bread from my dinner sandwich, because I had a cup of coffee (I get a Venti/really big cup filled 2/3 of the way with coffee, with about 3/4 cup of nonfat milk). That milk shot was 68 calories. I usually go over 1200, but I also usually get a green check so it's not alarmingly over budget. I started out at 1350 calories, and then CK bumped it down to 1200 based on my RMR. So now my first week or so shows all red (over calorie budget).

What I hear is that my best way to lose more weight is to exercise daily, and then eat many of those exercise calories (% is hotly contested) above the 1200. That way I may even get to eat 1700 calories, but not if I don't do 500 calories of exercise.

I don't know if any of this applies to you but it was helpful for me to write it! :smile1:

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