Day Two

ANGELZ - 7:19PM UTC, Feb 1st 2009


I've started this day positively by looking at every calorie going into my body, so far. I have also joined the group who uses WII Fitness. I'm really motivated now. God, help me stick to it this time.:bang:

BREEZIN - 10:33PM UTC, Feb 5th 2009

Love the hat!
I'm new to CK and my weight loss management program (won't day the "D" word";), and I find the site very easy to use, motivating, and helpful. Here's my going into day 3........

ANGELZ - 3:09AM UTC, Feb 5th 2009


I received a message from someone with a bit of encouragement. I will be patient as some of this inability to lose could be from water weight. Continue on!:)

TAZZY - 9:13PM UTC, Feb 2nd 2009

I probably qualify for the 50++ group as I am 62 (hovering 63). I haven't visited CalorieKing for several months as I lost the amount of weight I wanted to lose, but since Thanksgiving I have gained back some of the weight. I must get back into taking my weight seriously before I gain all the weight back that I had lost.

Due to being sick I had to stop exercising for a little while and since then I have just had a hard time getting back into a regular routine of exercise. I actually love exercise but just am having a hard time fitting it into my schedule. I know myself well enough to know I am only making excuses to myself. I know how much better I feel when exercising so I don't understand why I am making excuses.

Here I am whining and I should be giving you some motivation. Maybe we can do that for each other. Love to hear from all in this group!