Doing good so far...

ROBINU2 - 8:22PM UTC, Jan 5th 2010

Hello, New to 50 and to this site! I have used the CalorieKing book with great success in the past and am ready to do this online! I have done great for the 5 days this year. I have about 25 lbs I want to lose and am setting a personal goal of St Patricks Day to get there! I have a dog(son) that I walk pretty much 2 times a day, and exercise occasionally. I just completed a home gym and am getting into that. I love to track calories for weight loss. It always works for me. I can lose quick, but can shift back to gaining just as fast! My goal is to get to my goal weight and increase my intake and moniter long term. Looking forward to doing this with you all. Take care and Happy New Year!

JDEUBEL56 - 5:37AM UTC, Jan 8th 2010

It's good to hear there are success stories out there. I look forward to using this program and have lost about 6 lbs so far this year. Hope your new year in all you want it to be.