Exercise and being overweight

NEED2BHEALTHY - 2:17AM UTC, Feb 25th 2010

Yesterday I saw my doctor. She said exercise exercise and exeercise. It is an easy thing to do when your skinny. Trying to do an exercise tape like Jillian Michaels or Tubo Jam is hard. Do they really expect us who are 50-100 pounds overweight to just jump in and huff and puff along with the skinnie minnies?"


SALLY1 - 9:50PM UTC, Mar 13th 2010


Years ago I started a weight loss program and like your doc, I was told exercise. He suggested finding a flat area and walking for 20 minutes. The only flat area I had was around my swimming pool. I would walk 10 times in one direction and then 10 in the other. Round and round I would go for 20 minutes. As I got fitter I increased the speed, but not the time. It really worked and nobody could see me doing this crazy thing. As I lost more weight I found a sports field nearby and graduated to that.

This time around I walk on a treadmill. I had foot surgery and struggle with any hard surfaces.
My ipod is my new best friend and we have a date at least five times a week for 35 minutes. This includes 5 minutes of warm-up and 5 minutes of cool-down. (slower walking).

I would recommend that you get really good walking shoes and just go for it
Good luck!

MZSWEET - 4:18PM UTC, Feb 25th 2010

OK - I like the privacy of my home idea.... early in the morning when the rest of my folks are still in bed and their well-intended comments / encouragement don't grate on my 'sensitive' nerves!!!! (yeah, all of them are smaller, younger, in shape and can run around the block without breaking a sweat)

Going to the store tonight to find "Walk Away the Pounds"

RECRE8SUZ - 2:26AM UTC, Feb 25th 2010


I so hear you. I've tried going to the fitness center and attending some Yoga classes, spinning classes and others over the years and it just makes me feel awkward and stupid. I think exercising in the privacy of our homes with a tape is much preferable and we can just walk in place if we can't do the extreme pull you foot behind your head poise! Have you heard of Walk Away the Pounds? I like that DVD! Very doable!

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