Exercise is only part of the deal

BBENNETTFNP - 10:35PM PST, Jan 11th 2011 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

Wonder why it is taking so long to get the weight off, even with burning our buns off? Today I did 2 miles and my new pedometer told me the total loss I can expect is 17 gm (1/2 oz). OOOH!:bang:

LAUREN95 - 12:18PM PST, Jan 17th 2011

New Choices = New Outcomes!

Good for you! Keep up the physical movement! It will pay off, give it time.

DEMIBRIX - 2:16PM PST, Jan 16th 2011

Northern California

I'm impressed by the two mile effort. Way to go!

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MECHDONNA2 - 8:53AM PST, Jan 15th 2011


Don't get discouraged! You are on the right path. And, it is best to lose weight slowly. My ex-mother-in-law used Fenn Fenn (spelling?) years ago. She lost weight, but she looked much older because of all the wrinkles. She suffered heart damage because of the drug.