Feel like 50

JANSAPPHIRE - 7:12PM UTC, Dec 29th 2009

I wonder how many years it takes to feel like you're over 50 ?? I'm 51 and soon to be 52 but still don't feel like I'm even close to 50 (lol). I've been a good over 50 person and have started religiously taking a daily multivitamin "Gold Spectrum" (for adults over 50) and now came across this group for folks over 50 so happily joined in. My weight has settled in the middle so if it weren't for my age, folks would think I'm pregnant. I've heard a lot of positive things about CK and so far so good (lol) I feel very motivated and hopefully will continue to be until I reach my goal weight. Wondering "Is it truly harder to lose weight at our age or is this just a myth?"