Feeling Kind of Stupid

CARLAJ - 8:50PM UTC, Feb 24th 2011


I've been a CK member since May 2010 (actively started participating in July). I joined this club since I am over 50. I am just now figuring out that there was a place to post just for the group. Duh!


MECHDONNA2 - 4:53PM UTC, Mar 9th 2011


Welcome, Carla!

Keep us posted on your progess.


BBENNETTFNP - 4:26AM UTC, Mar 8th 2011 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

good for you, Carla. that is dedication! I am OK with cardio but picking up weights - ugh. let me know how you do it. Betty

CARLAJ - 10:06PM UTC, Mar 5th 2011


I'm really trying to stick to doing weights 3 times a week. So far I've made it for three weeks. I don't like the cardio, but I do it. I absolutely hate the weights, but it's supposed to make a difference.


DARCOT - 7:06PM UTC, Mar 5th 2011


I'm 60 - since September 2010! I can still relate to the 50's though! I'm slow, too. That's why I lowered my cal goal from 1200 to 1100. When I do exercise which is seldom I had been putting 0, but now am putting 1/2 the calories to eat back. Janey has warned me about going too low. I'm not sure it's too low - I'm so slow losing! What do you think? I've never lost weight before on other diets unless I went to 1000 or below. I think my metabolism is just screwed up!!

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Silverdale Wa

It really is one day at a time. I am really glad we weigh in weekly. Daily weights were so depressing! today was my weigh in day. great suprise - finally made the initial 5lb start goal. Its only taken since September!

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WORKINGHARD2LOSE - 8:36PM UTC, Feb 28th 2011


Here this has been part of my "groups" but just looked to see if anyone has been posting - guess so!!

I'm lucky that I've been losing .5 per week but at least the weight is staying off this time :)

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Taking one day at a time

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Silverdale Wa

Wow, a pound a week? boy, my loss rate is much slower than that! Good luck to you all, I wont join because I will mess up the group goal. I joined a challenge too. we tally our minutes worked out each day. This is something I can control.

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LAUREN95 - 7:46PM UTC, Feb 26th 2011

New Choices = New Outcomes!

Don't feel bad Carla. I just started posting last month and get really confused about the 'how, what, and where' of it all. I started the Menopause thread in this group because I didn't see many people coming around to the Fifties main group. I've been spending more time all over the dashboard, which was fine because I found a lot of friends here and there and everywhere!

I started (March 1st) a Pound a Week Challenge for those of us who might lose at a slower pace (under Member Challenges). I wasn't sure if you've already jumped in on this one or not. I've had so many posts flying back and forth that I'm lost! Anyway, come join us if you haven't already! The first week's weigh in reports will be on Mondays, starting March 7th.

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Silverdale Wa

Hi Carla. Glad you found us. We are all in it together and the support I've felt here has made a lot of difference. I am finally making progress. Hope you are too. Betty