Fiber and Protein

SHASMITH56 - 2:42AM UTC, Jun 14th 2008

Please recommend simple, quick foods rich in fiber and protein. I am new member needing to drop several pounds. I am doing well in my calories per day but, no getting enough fiber and protein.

HEKATE - 4:31AM UTC, Apr 22nd 2009

West Coast

Filling fiber foods include:

Jicama - excellent, sweet tasting tuber very low in calories, high in fiber; use thin slices alone or as a "chip" for hummus which is also high in fiber

Red Garnet Yams - sweet and easy... just microwave

Fresh or dried figs - drizzle fresh figs with a very small amount of orange juice concentrate. Yummy!

Ground Flax Seeds: great source of omega 3; sprinkle over salad, add to smoothie. Make sure to get cold pack product and grind or you will not benefit from the available Omega 3

Almost all dried fruits but use sparingly as they are generally high in calories

Old fashioned Oats or, better yet, groats: Check out Mark Bittman's recipe for granola. Very tasty and not high in fat.

Legumes as already mentioned.

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LYOUNGSTER - 5:01PM UTC, Jun 24th 2008

I eat a lot of Kashi cereals which taste really good to me. Also, Fiber One has a really delicious food bar and they make cinnamon raisin bread which is also really good. I eat a lot of turkey burgers, chicken, fish, and sometimes steak tips. String cheese is a good snack food. I've also incorporated protein powder, I use an almond based milk mostly, which you can get with up to as much or more of 24 g worth of protein. Amy's frozen foods are tasty and vegan. Hope this helps!

VIRGINIAB - 12:40PM UTC, Jun 18th 2008


There are several threads in the CK forums on fiber...I'd suggest you do a search. Yes...beans and legumes...but we also use high fiber cereals and nuts. Whole grains, high fiber wraps...I'd suggest you pay close attention to the food labels and go for foods with 3,5 or more grams of fiber whenever possible. It's tricky getting fiber and protein, but the wraps usually work for us.


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TENACITY - 3:52AM UTC, Jun 14th 2008

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Hello there fellow Smith ..........

A very good source of both fiber and protein is in your beans and legumes...have you tried these?
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