Going to make some changes around here...

BOBBYGIRL - 6:17PM UTC, Aug 15th 2010

Here I sit, coloring my hair, and taking the time to get acquainted with CalorieKing and, hopefully, some of the members in this group. I have decided that I need to make some changes - and I am starting with little ones that will someday have big impacts on my life. This morning I went with the dogs for a short walk and I recorded my calories on this site. That makes two small changes in one day! My ultimate goal for today - walk the dogs a a little further this evening when things have cooled down and record every bite on CalorieKing. One step and one calorie at a time...

MECHDONNA2 - 12:21AM UTC, Nov 22nd 2010



It is never too late! For example, people who quit cigarette smoking may try and fail as many as seven times! I know I tried several times before I quit for good.

Have fun visiting!

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BOBBYGIRL - 1:01PM UTC, Nov 20th 2010

Hello - Don't I feel silly - I posted this and then never realized that people had responded - obviously new to all this -dare I admit, I have not accomplished a single ounce towards my weight goal since August? But, I woke up motivated enough to check this site today so maybe it's never too late. I have the tools I need - I just need to use them! I now have a gym membership for the winter months so no cold weather excuses. My goal is to lose 5 lbs before my New Year's trip to Arizona.

BMMAC - 3:21AM UTC, Nov 6th 2010

for the first time for me I've started to exercise very early morning. i never could do it but I find it's working well for me now, starting at 6am. Dress warm, be comfy and go for it

SUNNMUUN - 8:35PM UTC, Oct 26th 2010


Just turned 50 this month, learning how to be healthy on CK. Divorced, two jobs, with a house and kids to deal with. CK has been a great tool for me, journaling being the most important thing, and I find that I can get a good C25K workout during my lunch hour in the daytime. I'm happy to have found this place!

MECHDONNA2 - 4:28PM UTC, Oct 26th 2010



You are so right about the commiting to exercise. I know how hard it is to find the time. The only way I have been able to lose a few pounds is by cutting down on the calories I consume and exercising.

My husband will not fit in exercise at this time. He is gaining weight. Every now and then he will go walking with me. But, he has to find the motivation from within. And, it has to be on a regular basis.


KSDIETER - 3:39AM UTC, Oct 26th 2010


Loving all the honesty in these posts, friends! At 55, I'm having to face myself squarely and recognize that I won't lose this weight unless I'm active every, single day. I can't use bad breathing days (moderate COPD) or busy work days (freelance copywriter) to take a pass on getting outside with my dogs or staying inside on the Gazelle. It just doesn't come off without some type of intentional physical activity every day. Love the goal setting tool, appreciate the articles and diary and couldn't do this without you guys. Thanks for being out there!


BMMAC - 2:45AM UTC, Oct 18th 2010

Welcome newbies...this site has been crucial to me over the past 18 months. I've learned alot from here and I hope you all find advice and support that helps your journey. I started at 300 lbs and am now at 220, but it came slow and steady, one day at a time. If you're posting on here you've already made some of the bigger steps...just keep on going! Good luck...brian

CBROOKES - 3:10AM UTC, Oct 17th 2010

San Diego

Hello, I'm a newbie also. I have learned so much already by using the food diary! Wow, just thinking before I pop something in my mouth will be my secret to weight loss.
It is nice to meet you. I am 56 years old, divorced, and live in San Diego.

DSQUIRES - 10:20PM UTC, Oct 16th 2010 View users public blog View users public diary


I'm somewhat of a newbie to the group. I posted a message several months ago, but I've forgotten to check in. I've gained weight since starting CK, but it's because I haven't been diligent. I just want to anchor myself to a group to keep myself motivated.


BBENNETTFNP - 10:37PM UTC, Oct 15th 2010 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

how's the week going?

BBENNETTFNP - 5:03AM UTC, Oct 15th 2010 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

way to go. CK is a great way to keep online with the struggle. I really enjoy the challenges and the target setting is really helpful. the best part is the friends I have met here - and I have only been a member for a few weeks. Will be here if you need me. send me a message. :wave1:

MECHDONNA2 - 2:45PM UTC, Oct 14th 2010


Let's keep each other posted on our progress! Let's stay motivated.


BONNIE.SIMMONS - 7:32PM UTC, Sep 14th 2010


Sound like you have a plan! Good for you!

SWIMMER10 - 9:20PM UTC, Aug 16th 2010


Good for you. Welcome.

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