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RKOSIDELADY - 7:12AM UTC, Mar 4th 2010

Hi My name is Raquel, I am new to your group. I am 64 and mother of four sons and four grandkids. I found myself getting heavier after I retired six years ago. I sat around and watched TV all day and felt sorry for myself. My doctor told me I had high liver enzymes and type 2 diabetic so I better loose weight. I started a weight maintenance program in June at 225 lbs. I am down to 195 lbs. I had not been able to loose more weight for a month so decided to join CK as my doctor had recommended. I like the program and I hope to be able to reach my target weight in one year! I am getting used to 1200 cal but my downfall is not getting enough exercise. ;)

RKOSIDELADY - 5:05AM UTC, Mar 6th 2010

Thanks, I will keep trying. I do want to get of my meds too! I think in order for me to exercise more is to join the health club, or jazzercise.

RKOSIDELADY - 5:04AM UTC, Mar 6th 2010

Thanks, I'l keep trying.

GWALTNEY153 - 8:26PM UTC, Mar 4th 2010


Welcome! You are in the right place. The most exciting thing for me about joining CK is the change in my health. My blood sugar is now normal!!!. This is for the first time since being diagnosed as type II 6 years ago. My triglycerides are no longer concerning. Also, my blood pressure has returned to normal. My doctor has told me that if I can add in regular exercise he will feel comfortable reducing or even eliminating my BP medications! So I really encourage you to go for it. The rewards are enormous, far beyond just the vanity aspect of looking better (although that's important too). Good luck!

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KJNAT1154 - 5:30PM UTC, Mar 4th 2010

WOW...good for you....keep it on your way, and it will be soooo worth it, having four sons and 4 grandbabies.
you can do it