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Mobile, AL

Just joined CK online but bought the software about 3 months ago and lost 15 lbs. first months; now I've hit a plateau and even trying to gain back a little. I think, with me, that the initial fervor of a new (or renewed ) program wears off after a few months and then binging and also eating at parties or family events give me permission to not be real honest with recording my calories (Don't you think its almost impossible to know how many and what kind of calories/nutrients are in 3-4 or more appetizers, casseroles, etc., etc. ?? )
Anyone else there with these problems? Suggestions? (Do exercise a good bit!)

Thanks, Keith
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Hi Keith,

Those plateaus are a killer, aren't they. I've hit more than my share, especially the past 18 months. I think you've identified one of your issues...recording calories. :bang:

I know it hurts, but you gotta record everything you an estimate, if you must. Let me give you an example. Last night (against my better judgement) we ate out at a local Mexican/Southwest restaurant. I had a taco and a buritto. Ate some chips and salsa. This morning, pulled up the diary and typed in buritto...I had many choices, but chose something that had about 400 calories (my estimate of what the buritto I ate contained in calories). Couldn't find a filled taco, so I put in another buritto. Turns out I ate almost 1000 calories at that dinner....ugh! :bang: But, had I not logged, I most likely would not have appreciated the impact that dinner had on my whole plan to lose weight.

Maybe I ate a few less or a few more calories. The important thing is that I kept honest with myself and logged it. Sure enuf....showed a weight gain this morning.

I weigh myself every morning. It works for me. I can tell when I'm off track because I can show small weight gains each day when I'm not paying attention to what I've eaten. This week, showed +.6, +1.2, +.8, -.8, +.4.

Point is, I gained this week and I know why.....even though I'm keeping up with the exercise, I'm not really keeping guard on my calorie intake.

So, don't cheat yourself:nono5:....count everything you eat. I do not use the software because I'm on you have access to the food database so that you can do "guestimates" of what you eat?

Good will only get out of the food diary what you put in to it...literally.


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