JILLMARSH - 12:35AM UTC, Mar 29th 2010

Well eating early yesterday and having a bit of breakfast early did not help. I gained a pound yesterday. I'm doing it again today and hope that tomorrow I begin to see the fruits of my labor. At least it doesn't hurt yet. I am really discouraged.

22 hours ago

The Croyn's kicked in after dinner. I am in pain. The yogurt was to see if it helped. Still don't know and after some Bentyl the pain is going away but I certainly don't feel like eating anymore.


Since I have figured out I am a saver, I had dinner about 4. I am full, have eaten well and only have about 200 calories to meet my target. I'll see if that helps this evening. It's a good thing I have a needlepoint piece to work on. If my hands are busy I won't want to snack as much.


FLORIDATREASURE - 2:44AM UTC, Mar 30th 2010 View users public blog


hey jill, deb is rite!! i have dieted alot in my life & at a minimum on 3 different (mayb 4) occaisions i have regrettably (only cuz i've gained it all bak) lost over 100 lbs, there are many times i have plateaued for 2 or even 3 wks in a row but if u just keep doing what u know is rite u will most likely have a wk u lose 3-5 lbs!!!! stay strong jill!!!! i noticed u haven't been feeling that well either & just having a 2nd hip replaced in the last 6 month most recently 5 wks ago, i can sympathize with how discouraging it must b to b doing the calories & not c-ing the results rite away!!! i know when ur not feeling well it's hard enuff just to keep ur log & exercize but u want to c the results!!!! lol!!! keep ur head up & just hang in there & u'll wake one day & c the results!!! it's inevitable!!! peace to u & urz!!

JILLMARSH - 1:59AM UTC, Mar 29th 2010

Thanks for the encouragement. The doctor set my calories after determining my rmr. I have slowly added exercises and am now about even as you noticed. It's been hard for me to get all the calories in and 1200 isn't very many.
I'll keep working on it. It's just frustrating.

SCHMIDTD7 - 12:43AM UTC, Mar 29th 2010


Hi Jill,
Sorry, you are discouraged. Its hard. When I started my weight loss journey my husband was not supportive. that made it really hard for me because he does most of the cooking for us. After he saw me getting results now he is on board and is trying to lose weight too. So, we are all in this together. I hope that you can find what you need to do. I was looking at your food and exercise diary. I don't know what your calorie intake is supposed to be. Do you usually eat your exercise calories? If not, that might be part of the reason you have not seen a loss. If you don't eat enough your body will not let go because it thinks it is starving. Just a thought. I used to go to Weight Watchers and learned this there. Good luck.

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