Happy Spring

13FOXTROT - 7:39PM UTC, Apr 22nd 2009

How's every one doing with their exercise? I try to keep it simple and do things that promote longeviety eg. stretching, walking, weight lifting and bike riding. You guys gonna get this group going for the spring?

Calendar year 2009 Crunch Challenge beginning Jan. 1 2009 and ending Dec. 31, 2009 20,300/73,000

PBR3 - 7:14PM UTC, May 6th 2009

Outside Atlanta GA

Crunch challenge? OM gosh - I don't know about that. You are doing very very well Foxtrot. That's awesome. Good luck with that.

I usually do Wii Fit and walk. I have also ordered the Gold's Gym Cardio Workout so I'll hopefully start that as well. I may get the EA Sports Workout when it is available later this month.

Crunches - hmm, I may have to try some of those as well.