Hello- 53 yrs old - Bariatric 6.5 years ago, HCG recently... life over 50!! LOL!

CARRIE811 - 2:48PM UTC, May 16th 2014

Hi Everyone,
Well, OK, ... so I'm new to CalorieKing since April, 2014, and haven't been on any discussion group before and don't know anyone on CalorieKing other than the person who introduced me to it. My name's Carrie and I'm 53, soon to be 54 in August. I had the full Roux en y Bariatric surgery done on Jan 8, 2008 at 320 lbs/Size 26. I lost down to 198/Size 14. Then I plateaued. Stayed there for quite a while and started gaining again until I got back up to 243 this year. It sneaks up on you, that's for sure! I'm a State Department Foreign Service Diplomat currently at the U.S. Consulate here in Frankfurt, Germany, and travel often for my job. Traveling makes it actually more difficult to maintain your weight in countries where salads, raw foods, and not fully cooked meats are, shall we politely say, not a good idea. Fortunately, that's not a problem for the majority of countries throughout the EUR region. Living in Pretoria, South Africa (S.A.), for my last Post was fine while in S.A., but my travels to the surrounding countries pretty much prohibited eating healthy because one doesn't want to have to live on Immodium or Cipro when you're already taking Malarone everyday to stave off Malaria.
Why do I tell you all of this? Well, I got discouraged. A bit depressed, to say the least, when I started to have to buy 1X+ clothes again. I thought I'd NEVER go back to THAT again after I got down to that Size 14!! Well, I'm also a bit stubborn and rebellious against the whole dieting side of life,.. in general. But, a guy at work here in Germany, an American married to a German and living here, told me about this HCG Diet. I've done so many mind-bogglingly insane, I-hate-them-all, diets in my life, that I ignored him and his suggestions for about a year. I HATE dieting! I LIKE being... lazy! I DON'T enjoy how I feel around others... In short, I'm just like a vast majority of obese humans on this planet! We simply just hate being told what to do by anyone when it comes to this area of our lives, and we simply DON'T like taking a gazzilion people's advice on what to do and not to do with what's our 'outer' sizes. (Let's face it,... inside most of us feel like we're not THAT person we see in the mirror.. we're all skinny humans inside!) So, being my usual wiener self, I just flat out procrastinated the heck out of dealing with his suggestions to try this HCG thing. Yeah, his wife took me to some meetings, where everyone bragged about losing 17+ kilos (37+ pounds) in just a couple of those HGC 'sessions'... so, my thoughts were, "Yay,... good for you... how special for you... see ya." (sarcasm, perhaps?). But, okay, I did finally break down (after promising I'd start it in Jan 1), and ended up starting it in April and did a normal, 3-week course plus the two full 'loading days' on the front-end with the synthetic HCG teeny pellets... not the real shots. And, I was actually pretty doggone impressed with myself! I weighed myself every day and dropped from 243 to to 230 in 3 weeks! I was pretty 'good' during those weeks, with an occasional slip up here and there, and it actually didn't
'hurt' as much as I thought it would and it actually did work for me. I do know that everyone has to find their own thing that works for them, but this worked for me. It actually did work. Now I'm off of my HCG pellets and in my stabilization phase for a few weeks before I actually want to do another round... I can see my body start to change and I'm currently maintaining what I lost so far... even while adding calories in. The whole idea is that it's supposed to reset your metabolism... So, fingers crossed, so far so good! Anyway, just thought I'd share this info because I get SO easily discouraged to want to even try anything at all at my age to help myself these days, and this thing really works for me... I'm actually getting excited about seeing the 100's again... within the next year even! OK, so, 'Little Missy' here is gonna do an over and out for now so as not to completely bore you, k! Viele Gruesse Aus Deutschland and Mega-Cheers to you from lovely Germany!