Hello all am new to CK and this group

MARIE92857 - 4:29AM UTC, Sep 9th 2009

I have read some of the post about how hard it is to loose weight. It sure is I used to go up and down then one day I just stopped dieting back in my 40’s and stayed at that weight 175, size 16 and I was ok with it. The 50’s came and I just keep going up in weight can not take it any more so here I am. I plan on loosing this weight that’s all there is to it. I know that I have to do things different to get there. I hope we all reach our goal weight so we can get the monster off our plates.

TAILDRAGGER - 6:49PM UTC, Sep 12th 2009

Asheville, NC

You're on the right track! Just remember Calories ARE King!

Counting the calories becomes much easier after you log your favorite foods in the "Favorites" section. Then it's quick and easy to keep track.

Good Luck!

MARIE92857 - 3:23AM UTC, Sep 12th 2009

Thanks for sharing your story and the encouragement it helps. Writing down the cal. is not so hard it’s counting the cal in food that is the hard part. It has been an eye opening week for me has I weigh and measure the food the more I realized how much I was over eating. Getting the exercise to be a priory is what am trying to master at this point, so days I do it some I don’t. But I know I am the person who made the weight problem and now it’s up to me to get it under control.

TAILDRAGGER - 2:42AM UTC, Sep 10th 2009

Asheville, NC

Hi Marie,
I have had great success with CK. I use it daily and really believe it can help you make very positive and lasting changes in your lifestyles and eating habits.

Here's what works for me:
1. FOLLOW THE ADVISE CK offers in the BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD tutorials of the "TODAY" section. The sooner you complete these tutorials, the sooner you will know how to use CK correctly.
2. RELIGIOUSLY log your calories for each meal. It really becomes very easy to do. (After about 90 days, I became very aware of how my eating habits had to change to reach my personal goals.)
3. EXERCISE. I exercise about 30 minutes per day at my local YMCA. I don't push it too hard, but focus more on enjoying my exercise time. I also started riding my bicycle about 4 times per week.

To my surprise, I learned that loosing weight REALLY is more about CALORIE control than EXERCISING for weight loss. Now I focus on meeting my daily NET CALORIES goal just as CK tells me to do in their tutorial. IT REALLY WORKS! Just be patient and stay focused.

Good Luck!