Hello and Good Luck to Everyone

ECKERTMA - 2:17PM UTC, May 14th 2011

I am new to this group. I am over 50 and I too struggle with weight loss. I have never been this heavy and I know I will never be skinny again. I just want to live a healthier life and be at a weight where I can shop for clothes and not have to head for the plus size section.

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Silverdale Wa

Hi DB193 welcome back. sorry to hear about your knees. it is hard to exercise when pain flairs. have a swimming pool near by? We have another type of remedy here: topical medicines. WE have two types: lidoderm (same type pain med that dentists use to deaden the jaw) and another type of patch that is like Advil in a patch (called Flector patch). these topical remedies spare the system from handling harsh medicines. I love mine. my arthritis is in my low back and there is no remedy available. just keep busy and active.

Please keep in touch, I will really do the best I can to answer. Betty

DB193 - 5:47AM UTC, Jun 16th 2011

Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone.

Just joined CK again. I am now 51, married 28 years and have 3 adult children and live in Sydney, Australia.

I was very sports active growing up and was a ballerina for many years. Started slowing putting on the weight after children and haven't been happy with myself for the past.... say 7 years.

I am now waiting for my 2nd full knee replacement in 4 weeks time. My plan is to lose 15 lbs (8.8lbs to go) before the op and another 28 lbs post op. My first full knee replacement was 12 months ago and I lost 31 lbs with that one only to have the 2nd knee complain that "it couldn't take it any more". Haven't been able to exercise for these past 6 months (just limping and sitting on my ass) and with drinking 2 glasses of wine every night (dim the pain), this didn't help and ...... on with the weight again.

Anyway, on my way again and have determination plus. Not looking forward to the first week post op but from then on, every day, I will be getting better towards my new slim life.

Looking forward to chit chatting with you all.

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PCTEACH2 - 5:35PM UTC, Jun 15th 2011

Sylacauga, Alabama

Hello CINCIN1,
I am new to this site. My name is Pat. I look forward to getting to chat with everyone in this chat group. CINCIN1...I could really relate to your post about losing wt. I agree with you 100%. In the past 5 yrs. my life has changed drastically. After 32 yrs of marriage...a divorce, mom diagnosed with brain cancer and past away last yr., living by myself...stressed......weight gain up to 250lbs. now. I know that my weight gain is not just physical but emotional due to my circumstances; however, I think that joining CK is going to be really good for me. Not only do they give you what you need to record your meals and exercise...but an opportunity to reflect and look deeper into yourself for the issues that are holding you back. I also like the fact that you can chat online in these groups with others facing similar obstacles.

Thanks for listening! I know we can do it! Gotta be able to get out there and play with those grandkids!


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Silverdale Wa

been away for a while, from posting to the group not from the program. Glad to see some new faces, fellow Washingtonians at that. sounds like you all have the idea, keep on keepin' on. would love it if you would join my challenge: Walk from Vancouver BC to Mexico. group of us are totaling our miles each week. if you would like, just sign in with your miles. or message me with them. I tally everyone's miles and check the map for our progress. ( this week we made it to Yolo CA. ) Betty

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OFFICE1 - 9:44PM UTC, Jun 8th 2011

I AGREE! hoping won't do it. You have to make the changes and stick to it no matter what your circumstances. Thanks for the reminder!

VIRGINIAB - 4:24PM UTC, Jun 4th 2011



It really is a beautful day to get out...but, we do live in Wa. so we need to get out, rain or shine!

One of the very 1st investments we made when we moved here last July were good rainsuits. It takes a really heavy downpour to stop us now.

Olympia...my favorite city. We get there at least every other week (sometimes for doctor's appointments, other times for fun). Were just at the market and the port last week...love it!

We also go into the Lacey area quite often.

I've got a lot of books on nutrition and behavioral eating...I learned a lot about myself, much of which I had no choice but to change if I was ever going to lose.

YOU CANNOT CONTINUE ON WITH THE SAME BEHAVIORS AND EXPECT DIFFERENT RESULTS...I love that one...it reminds us that if we really want to lose weight, we need to change our behavior.

So...do you want to lose weight badly enough to change your behavior? Don't want to scare you, but:

1: we must accept that our behaviors are preventing us from losing weigh
2: our only option is to change those behaviors if we want to lose

Do you agree?


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PUTYTAT52 - 3:05PM UTC, Jun 4th 2011

Virginia we have so much in common. Most of my family died from heart disease in their late 50's. My mom died from complications to her diabetes. I was born and raised in Calif until 1998 when we moved to WA. I've been in Olympia 10 yrs. I have not been heavy until I hit 50 but have struggled keeping it off and then it all went down hill. Gained 70lbs in 6 mths, caused heart disease and stents needed to be placed, diabetic, thyroid. Just depressing. Had a Lapband placed in 2yrs ago and that was the most expensive diet failure I have ever had :) My daughter joined CK and told me to check it out so here I am. I need to lose 50 lbs and at my age its been really hard. I've tried every possible diet book and program. I have a real positive feel about this one though. I find it hard to with our weather issues but am keeping a positive outlook. Yeah great weather for a few days, out side I go:rock1: Megan

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VIRGINIAB - 11:03PM UTC, May 22nd 2011


Hi Everybody!

Quick intro: My name is Virginia, I’m 59, 174 pounds (down from 276 in 2000), been managing a window of about 5 pounds for 2 years or so, trying hard to get to 167. I’ve been in CK for 3 years and have met some wonderful people here.

My goal is to re-establish some of the healthy habits I’ve let slip away…exercise, in particular. I know I can lose weight if I set my calories as CK suggests, get my green check and drink my water. It’s a simple formula of calories out being less than calories in.

I’m noticing the effects of aging on my body, skin and hair. I’ve accepted that I’m aging and want to do so gracefully and with health and vigor. I saw this group and thought I’d give it a try.

I’ll be browsing through the threads on this group, getting to know you all.

Cindi I was 49 when I started my weight loss program. After so many yo-yo experiences I decided on calorie counting and exercise. I lost slowly, but it stayed off. I made the decision to loose after my mother passed from heart disease and my husband was diagnosed as Type2 Diabetes. Add that to the fact I couldn't bend down to tie my sneaker in the shoe store (embarrassing)...those combined to give me the wake up call I needed.

Maddie I too want to be healthy. Life is so much more enjoyable. I've discovered that a healthy lifestyle leads to weight loss....imagine that! I'm constantly hungry and I do a lot of reading on why. I call it the pyschological aspect of weight loss...I need to constantly be aware of my relationship with food!

Hope to “speak” with you soon.



GOAL: 167 by 6/20/11 ~ 41 years married!

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MADDIE0901 - 10:48PM UTC, May 21st 2011

New Jersey

In my case, my appetite seems to have ramped up to crazy levels. I am CONSTANTLY hungry! I wonder if it is a hormonal thing although there is no variation in the pattern - I seem to ALWAYS be hungry!

I too am sick of this extra weight and while I've lost some, I have a way to go before I am at a healthy weight. I'm not looking to be skinny - just healthy!

I've had some health issues but recently feel much better and am starting to reaquaint myself with exercise...

CINCIN1 - 3:37PM UTC, May 15th 2011

San Diego

:talking: You have stated my feelings exactly! :thumbu2:

Since hitting my 50's, having a hysterectomy and other health issues, I ballooned up to 270+ lbs. I've been up and down my whole life but this was a new high for me.
At our age and metabolism (and other health issues that face women in their 50's), I agree that I will never be the skinny girl I was in my 20's and 30's.

But I am sick and tired of shopping in the "Women's" clothing department. The clothes are not cute. :nono4:

My goal is just like you, be healthy, be able to exercise, and be able to shop in the normal size clothing department!
Also, I would like to be around to see grandkids, if I am ever that blessed.
Nice to meet you!! :wave1:

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