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SSAKLAME2 - 3:34PM UTC, Nov 10th 2009

For over a year I have been half heartedly trying to lose weight. The main reason is to lose weight but the second and most important is to find me again. I lost myself somewhere when I gained over 70 lbs since 2002. I went for went from 140 to 213 within 1 year. I blamed it on two separate surgeries w/i 8 months (both hysterectomy surgeries). I have remained between 202 and 213 from then until last year. I began water jogging at the YMCA 5 days a week and began Medifast. (I could not get the taste of the food and decided I can create my own meals with the total change in eating habits). I went down to 182lbs. I fell and had a shoulder injury, which set me back. I haven't gone back to the Y since (my own lack of motivation). In June 2009, I began walking in my home with the Leslie Samsone 2 mile walking show 5 days a week. Best, best exercise I have found for me. I don't have to go out in the heat or have to get dressed up or drive somewhere). I lost one dress size but no real difference with weight. I had my gall bladder out in August. There were complications and I was in the hospital for a week. Total liquid diet and I left the hospital 12 lbs lighter. I literally went from the hospital on Friday to leaving for a road trip on Sunday with my 23 yr old daughter to Upstate NY for 10 days. I ate much too much food that I've missed since moving to FL. It didn't seem to affect my weight. Just came back from a 5-day cruise two weeks ago and truly ate the right foods and didn't go over board at all. I didn't gain a pound. Had the flu last week and didn't exercise for 4 days. Back to normal today except I now am rotating my exercise from the 2-mile walk to Cheryl Burkes Disco ABS that just started on TV. I used to dance all the time until I remarried in 1994. In starting this new Disco AB if there was a video tape on me, I'm sure I would win funniest home videos because I looked like a duck! Over the two weeks, I have been losing about a pound ever couple of days. Today is the important day though. I have signed onto the Calorie King weighing in at 190 lbs., and am hoping to gain and give support in order to be were I "am going" to be and help another.

RECRE8SUZ - 6:25PM UTC, Nov 30th 2009


Good for you doing those exercise programs at home. I used to love to dance and have totally gotten away from it. Maybe I just need to put on some good dance music and dance around. :rock1:

We all go through medical/emotional things in our lives that can mess up our eating and exercise habits. The important thing, I'm learning, is to just do what we can do in the moment and look forward to what we can do when the medical/emotional situation is past. It's life...the important thing is to not give up! It sounds like you've learned this important lesson, too. Congratulations on what you have accomplished and best wishes to you!


The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.

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THINNANCY - 1:23AM UTC, Nov 15th 2009

A pound a day is fantastic! I am going to look that disco abs workout.:clap:

KELLY51 - 7:25PM UTC, Nov 12th 2009


Welcome to CK! Sounds like you've been on quite a journey. Down to 190 lbs sounds like a great start! Keep up the good work!!

Kelly from Texas