Hope everyone starts posting

JAKIEBEAR - 11:47PM UTC, May 2nd 2014


I've checked this group several times and there were not many people posting. Hope this will change.

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SHARONHARMS - 5:37PM UTC, Jul 26th 2014

South Carolina

I also am new to CK -- but I think the key to this success is to stick with it --- don't give up -- and stay the course --- Don't let the negative thoughts enter into your brain.

Loosing weight over 50 can be challenging -- metabolism has changed --

I hope everyone is having a great Summer --
Here in South Carolina we are having 100 degree days right now.

Talk to everyone soon.


TLJ - 5:11AM UTC, May 23rd 2014

I'm new to posting. I've been on Calorie King for years but haven't used the groups much. I'm doing better at losing weight since I've started walking every day. That's really helped me.

P. S. Your cat is adorable!

GRANMA - 11:44AM UTC, May 3rd 2014

Good morning,
I just started, don't give up I have several Christian friends that went on a diet from our church, with support from member and they lost the weight, so I joined and lost up to 30 pounds, but the diet plan went out of service, but they are on another and doing good, but I decided to look for one online and found CK. CK has helped me I am trying to stay but to make the target is hard. I am 70 yrs. weigh 140, trying for 135 unable to exercise, due to both knees replaced. I pray daily that God will keep me going, so I will pray for you to keep going.:):kiss: