I too am a slow loser!

LYOUNGSTER - 4:57PM UTC, Jun 24th 2008

Hi everyone,
I am 54 years old, in the midst of menopause, so I know how it feels to work so hard and the pounds just come off too slow! I've made some adjustments though which I hope will help. It's really interesting to me the way in which the body shifts weight as we age. All of a sudden I had this huge midsection bulge like never before. My weight tended to go to my hips, it still does that too, but I never had such a huge midsection! I think that one problem, I hope I fixed, was to redo my exercise calories using the interactive tool (under resources/tools) because it takes your age, etc into account. When I wd put my exercise in my daily food log, I was give 100+ more calories to eat. I did lose more weight this week because of this so I am thinking I did the right thing. Lastly, I think that CK is really geared to SLOW weight loss which is something new for me having done other weight loss programs. The difference between CK and other diets I've tried is that I'm never hungry! So, lets all do the best we can and hang in there.

LYOUNGSTER - 4:42PM UTC, Jul 10th 2008

I hadn't realized that you responded to my last message. How are you doing? Did you find that making the adjustment using the interactive tool worked? I just got back from vacation and I gained 5 lbs! I've only been 100% back on program a couple of days, with a few slips in calories, and I've lost 3 lbs. I think most of the 5 lbs I gained was water weight. I drank at least 1 beer a day! It was hard getting back on track but I decided that the alternative was not a choice I wanted to make. Well, good luck to you.

TENACITY - 2:00PM UTC, Jun 27th 2008

Ontario Canada

Hello and Welcome...

Thank you for you sharing your story, and for the info which directs us to the Resource Tools. I have been using the program since March and I hadn't found that tid bit of information. It is very helpful. I will definitely adjust my caloric intake to see if it makes a difference for me. I had been taking in between 1100 and 1200 per day. I know that taking it lower is not recommended but I am going to give it a go and see what happens.

Thanks again...and good luck with your own endeavors.


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