I'm New to CK and delighted to be here!

SHERRYANNE - 8:26AM UTC, Jan 8th 2012

I have been a newbie with CK for 1 week and I'm delighted with the nutritional information, community support, the tracking, the target setting and the information that I have learned already.

I am 59 years of age, a retired teacher and school principal and my goal is to become as physically fit as possible and maintain an active healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.

My wake-up call occurred approximately six years ago, at my highest weight of 182 pounds, and newly diagnosed with heart disease, kidney issues, high cholesterol, very high blood pressure, and at a high risk for stroke or heart attack!

I recall looking at the "bag of pills" that were prescribed for all of these health issues and I made a clear and firm commitment to take responsibility for my life and my health and reduce the medications!

Immediately I started a walking program and began swimming 3x a week. I made a lot of diet mistakes in my desperate effort to lose the weight. However, I successfully lost 45 pounds and I felt great. Nevertheless, I also learned that diets don't work because as soon as you go off the diet the weight starts to pile back on! Along my journey I developed a guilt complex over food and I constantly vacillated back and forth between overeating and fasting and feeling increasingly guilty over my inability to maintain my goal weight.

My current weight is 146 and my goal weight is ideally between 124-128. Working through the initial Bronze levels I have experienced a new freedom in the knowledge that I no longer need to feel guilty about food. I am not dieting, rather I am changing lifestyle habits and coming to an understanding of what it means to eat healthy balanced meals and to enjoy food - guilt free!

Along with age we expect more health challenges which make me even more determined to increase my activity and physical fitness and reach and maintain my goal weight! Osteoarthritis in my back, arthritis in my hands, and osteopenia in my hips and arms require daily workouts, careful stretching, and lots of walking and swimming and most recently, my Opthemologist informed me that cataracts have appeared!

I am determined to do all that I can to remain healthy, physically fit and active in order to live each day fully, joyfully, enthusiastically and gracefully. And, I am very pleased to share that the "infamous" bag of pills has drastically shrunk in size. By the grace of God, the on-going support from my Cardiologist, the encouragement from my husband (who is my best friend) and my hard work and determination to never, ever, ever give up, at the present time I require only 2 pills each day and an additional one which is taken weekly!

My goals are to reach and maintain my goal weight between 124-128 and to commit to do whatever it takes to be physically fit, healthy and fully alive. Sherry,s recommended formula for success: I commit to do my best and trust God to lead me through the rest!

I'm delighted to be a member of this 50+ Group and I look forward to giving and receiving support.